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KLaw actually expects me to PAY to read his bullshit?  He reports something and the entire baseball community collectively laughs at him.  He lost whatever credibility he had left with his peers after his 2009 NL Cy Young voting.  SI's Jon Heyman gave him the #dumbsportswriters hashtag on Twitter as a results of his ballot.  I guess he couldn't bring himself to vote for Carpenter after he and J.P let him walk for NOTHING.   Even his buddy J.P eventually figured it out: "He’s become a writer. It doesn’t take long. Keith Law is officially an idiot.”
King Jordan also wrote about it: "It's so comical that I don't know whether to laugh or to throw up," 

Honestly, I don't know who to believe: J.P. or Klaw?

Is there a third option?

Here's his list for free which is about what it's worth.  I'll delete two teams, so I guess it is no longer a complete list!  I think you can fill in the blanks on your own.  ;)  Go ahead and sue me for the $6.95 a month if you wish......but somebody else did it first.

1. Texas
2. Boston
3. Tampa
4. Cleveland
5. Atlanta
6. Baltimore
7. Chicago Cubs
8. Colorado
9. Kansas City
10. Cincinnati
11. San Diego
12. Florida
13. Minnesota
14. Oakland
15. New York Mets
16. Toronto
17. Detroit
18. Pittsburgh
19. Los Angeles Dodgers
21. Seattle
22. Los Angeles Angles
23. Washington
25. New York Yankees
26. Milwaukee
27. Arizona
28. Houston
29. St. Louis
30. Chicago White Sox

Some reactions from the cheap seats.

For the sake of comparison here is what MLB Fanhouse is saying, a day sooner, for free.

Later today he has a Top 100 Prospects in baseball list coming out.  I wonder how long it's going to take me to find that one?

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