10th Annual 25 Man Roster Challenge

When we think back to how this thing began, and then to what it has come to be now, we are quite proud. In the first year of this blog, we were scrambling every damn day to post something about our beloved Toronto Blue Jays. It totally sucked. But out of desperation comes the occasional hint of brilliance, and the 25 Man Roster Challenge was born. In it's early form, only the four contributors to the site were invited to submit a ballot, and they each had to do an individual post on their ballot. Content is king, baby!

Who can forget the 2013 edition and it's stupid close finish? I mean, 0.001% close. From that challenge the modified tiebreaker was adopted as the gold standard, and it's still in use today.

In the 5th annual challenge, a writer who is in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown tossed in a ballot and we got the feeling this thing had begun to have some reach.

How about the Jay Bruce gong show? I mean, Kenny dropped a bombshell with just over two hours until the deadline. Literally ten minutes after the deadline, the rumour was shot down and the deal was dead.

But enough reminiscing. Onto the fast facts about this year's 25 Man Roster Challenge:

  • 25 ballots were submitted prior to the deadline
  • Only 11 names appear on every ballot
  • A record 46 different players were picked
  • 10 names appear on only 1 ballot
  • Vlad was picked on multiple ballots

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We believe we have actually found a way to roll out this monster challenge in an efficient way.

click here

This is a list of the players that all contestants selected to make the opening day roster:

Ryan Borucki (nobody is buying the "(he) will be competing for the fifth spot" nonsense)
New guy Galvis
100 miles Giles
Gurriel Jr
Mayza (really?)

Here is a list of the players that only one single contestant selected to make the roster:

Danny Barnes
Neftali Feliz
Gio Gonzalez
Javy Guerra
Dan Jennings
Reese McGuire
Ervin Santana
Dwight Smith Jr
Eric Sogard
Nick Vincent

That's completely rando. We love it! Unfortunately, one guy has already signed with somebody else. It might be over before it has even begun.....

And, finally, the teams and tiebreakers, which is a guess of what the spring training record will end at in late March. Click on the link above to see the full ballots if you're interested.

Many thanks and good luck to all who joined in!

Team Ant
9 - 22 - 1


No tiebreaker
No tiebreaker? Rookie move.
Team Unknown
If this team wins I don't even know who you are. 

Jays Are My 2nd Favourite Team


Shout out to the lead beat writer for joining in once again. 

Team Hall of Fame
What up Scottie C?

Team Last Row 500’s


Jimmy Triggs

I Like Nuts
Mrs 1BJW is the true brains of the operation.

Team Mr. Defending Champion, Sir 
Back again to reclaim glory.

Team BJH
retweet on the eve of the deadline from the Blue Jay Hunter is a powerful thing. Much obliged.

Team Slaycock

Team Shaw

Team Middaugh

The Axford Files:
 *Submitted their ballot at 6:40pm, then Heyman tweet at 8:44pm. All times approximate, Clint.

Elvis is in the Building
Team Jerome

Team Holmes

Threw a dart with the Jennings selection. Criticize it all you want, but that's how you win this damn thing.
Could be the best website in the history of ever.
Very much enjoyed the follow-up chat on the merits of keeping Pompey for a week. 
Team Barss

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