We have a winner!

So I was planning on doing at least one update post on the Challenge. Then the bullpen imploded and there were way too many scenarios that could play out.

I even did a first run of potential winners before the Morales deal and we had a single winner! But of course that didn't happen. So, yeah.

He does look good in green!

In the end, 4 ballots out of the 25 submitted had 19 out of the 25 players correct. 

As usual, the tiebreaker played a large role in determining an outright winner. Your Toronto Blue Jays played to a spring record of 14-15-2 with 2 rainouts. That works out a .484 winning percentage.

The championship round looked like this:

Team Barss 17-14 .548

I Like Nuts 18-10-3 .630

@FiZ687 19-14 .576

@ccharles9900 No tiebreaker .000

Congratulations to Team Barss for winning the 10th annual 25 Man Roster Challenge! A crazy spring training and sure to be a crazy year. Buckle up y'all.

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