The Forgotten Man

When pitchers and catchers report to camp in 4 days I'm thinking that LHP Brad Mills will probably need to be wearing a name tag. It would seem that Millsy has been passed on the starting pitcher depth chart. New field manager John Farrell didn't even mention him as a candidate for the open two spots in the rotation. Ouch.

Let's look at what we know:

- Brad Mills has 1 option year left. Meaning he can be sent down to Vegas for this year but looking forward, he needs to be on the MLB roster in 2012.

- He relies a lot on his 86 MPH fastball. Like 58% of the time.

- His change up is clearly his best pitch. Batters swing at it about half the time and they miss it about 17% of the time.

- J.P. Ricciardi drafted him twice. In the 22nd round of the 2006 draft and then in the 4th round of the 2007 draft. The player must give consent in order for this to happen.

- J.P. already pooched one of his former draft picks - Brad Emaus - in the Rule 5 draft.


If Brad Mills is to be traded, based on his pitch repertoire and velo, he probably would be better suited in the NL. He does have some MLB experience and is a young, controllable left handed starting pitcher. I have to think that the receiving team would prefer to get him when he still has that option year left.

If I was in charge I would call The Mets division rivals and let it be known we are thinking of moving Mills. Then sit back and wait for the news to filter it's way to J.P.

I'm not sure how much value Brad Mills actually has - right now - but I'll venture a guess and say that it will never be higher.


  1. I've never understood how a change-up can be effective if you don't have a fastball?

  2. @Peter,
    It's all about the difference in velo between the pitches. About 10MPH is ideal. A little fade on the change up is good to have as well. This way the pitcher can work both sides of the plate, provided he has a breaking ball.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Whoa, yeah, I completely forgot about Mills too.

  4. Yes, but if you don't have a good fastball, can't you just sit on the change-up and not worry about the pitcher sneaking a fastball by you?

  5. ^^Or just hit the straight over the top, no movement, 86 MPH fastball that's almost always coming. I'm a serious doubter of Mills' ability to pitch at the ML level even out of the 'pen.

  6. I just assumed Mills would be held back in Vegas this year, and called up if one of the starters goes down. But it's definitely a great idea to put the bug in the ear of the Mets to see what they can offer for Mills.

  7. I can't stand to watch him pitch. It's not about his stuff, it's just that step he takes to the left, for some reason it really bothers me!

  8. It's poached, not pooched. Nice try though. DJF rules!