Assessing The Current Options

Tough decisions lay ahead

Thanks to King Jordan, we have a "quick glance" at the contract situations facing your Toronto Blue Jays going into 2011. Big time hat tip.

Here is my take..... 

Leading Off:

Boy Wonder just found $16,000,000. I doubt that figure will even cover the raises he owes his players through arbitration. 

Digging for Second:

There is the potential for a whopping 15 different arbitration cases that need to be negotiated. Bautista included. Good thing we got a guy for that.

Legging out a Triple:

Lewis and Wise are out of options and arbitration eligible. They both project as the back up outfielder right now. I can see a scenario unfolding where they go against each other for the same job next spring, with the loser being put on waivers. Unless, we non tender E5 and J-Bau plays third base. In that case Lewis would start in LF with Wise on the bench.

Collision at Home Plate:

Check out the clusterfuck in the bullpen!

The following relievers are out of options and would have to be placed on waivers if they don't break camp with the team: Camp, Purcey, Accardo, Buchholz, Tallet.


There are 7 jobs available in a Major League bullpen.

You have to figure Camp and Purcey are locks.

Assuming neither of those guys are the closer, that leaves only 4 jobs remaining.

If you also consider the possibility that neither of them are the set up man, then only 3 jobs will be up for grabs.

Normally a Major League bullpen has at least 2 lefties. And a long man.

Can Brian Tallet fill either of those roles? I doubt it.

I'll take Jo-Jo Reyes as a darkhorse to earn a spot in the pen next year.

So what the fuck are we going to do with Dustin Michael McGowan this year? 

More Quickly:

Behold, your Toronto Blue Jays out of options bullpen: Tallet, Accardo, Buchholz, Reyes, Camp, Purcey, McGowan.


I think I'm just gonna go ahead and stop right there. Waaaaaaaaaay to many possibilities right now.

Even More Quickly:

And just think.....we haven't even traded for or signed anybody yet.


  1. Rzep gets Tallet's job, don't you think?

  2. I do.

    However, he may still have some value if used correctly.


  3. Oh yes, if he can be traded for more then by all means trade. I think he's good but he won't be a front line starter with all the great arms Toronto has.

  4. @Mattt,
    I guessing your talking about Rzep, not Tallet. Which brings up a good point.

    Who on this team would you NOT trade?

  5. That's a tough question. I have all the faith in the world that AA would make the right call so in that light I would say no one is untouchable. I really like our 4 starters though. Add in a Drabek or whoever blows him away in spring training and thats a nice rotation for years. Snider is a guy I really want to see play a full season as I'm sure he'll be a star sooner than later. But if AA can continue his trade magic I think everyone is fair game. It would take a lot to trade those guys I mentioned though.

  6. And yes, I meant Rzep. Tallet has value somewhere I'm sure, but definitely not here.

  7. http://tdotsports1.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/should-jays-target-fielder/

    good piece on the PRINCE and the Jays...

    unlikely but...

  8. I think if McGowan somehow rehabilitates from his torn rotator cuff by the spring, he will be considered at the backend of the bullpen. They'll probably ease him in like they did with Purcey in the minors, where he won't pitch on consecutive days, meaning someone else would have to come in and save games every now and then.

    BP is definitely going to be interesting to see how it'll shape up this season.

  9. Mcgowan is done!
    Don't trade the starting 4 or Drabek. if the team isn't winning in the 9th inning then what good is a closer! That's all I got.

  10. @Mattt,
    I'm with you when you say AA has earned our trust. I don't really see a deal for Snider being considered.

    Nice read. I'm not sure if Drabek is a top end guy or a mid rotation guy either. But I wouldn't trade him till I find out.

    You just gotta hope and pray that McGowan can get his wing healthy. He can help us somehow. Maybe.

    I'm not quite ready to give up on him just yet. If he can't make the team next spring, there is still a small chance he sneaks through waivers.
    Trading pitching is never easy. Although I wouldn't look to move any of our starters, I wouldn't stop listening if someone made me an offer for one of them. We have a bit of depth there.

    Thanks for your comments guys!