Free Blue Jays Tickets!

We here at 1BlueJaysWay have mentioned numerous times in the past that we intended on giving away some tickets to a Jays game. Well that day has finally arrived.

On Friday September 10th vs the Tampa Bay Rays, we invite you to join us for a ballgame. It's totally free.

The catch - if you can even call it one - is that you have to explain why you are deserving of the prize. Use the comments section to do so.

Due to the fact there are a limited number of vouchers available, we will be forced to select only the best responses. Please include your blog URL and/or Twitter account, if you have one.

This is our way of giving back to the team and the game we love. Hopefully this gesture of kindness will gain us some valuable karma with the baseball Gods in the days ahead.

Sadly, if you need some motivation to come down to the ball park when "the season is over" maybe you should take a look at this. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I deserve to go to the Jays many a good reason:

    #1 I love the Jays in a way that is reserved in Toronto only for the Leafs.

    #2 I will verbally assault the Rays on September tenth, I just hope to do it from a blue seat at actual human beings instead of my television

    #3 I have watched nearly every game since I moved to Canada in 98. although Sportsnet1 is really screwing with my schedule.

    #4 I have been a proud supporter for them all season even when many experts chose them to come in last.

    #5 I know the Blue Jays up and down the organization. I have taken extra special interest in who is in the front office and down in the Minors this year. It has really been an exciting time since AA took over.

    #6 I have been sideswiped by untimely events preventing me from going to my last 2 Jays games, the last of which cost me a Dave Stieb Bobblehead :(.

    #7 I have not lost one bit of interest over the fact that we are no longer in contention, although mathematically we are still alive.

    I have more but I think I am going to cut it off there

  2. I think iamesteban has everyone beat...

  3. @IamESTEBAN,
    Now that is what I'm talking about. You seem like a very deserving candidate. Thanks for your interest and we will let you know very soon what the details are.

    But that doesn't mean everybody should give up. There may be a few more spots.....

  4. My name is Jay and I like the color blue. Do I qualify?!

  5. @Jay,
    If you wanna get up here you are more than welcome to join us!

  6. I deserve a ticket or two because...
    - I've singlehandedly turned my girlfriend into a rabid Blue Jay fan to the point where she saw Bautista on the street and was shocked speechless
    - I've gotten coworkers to come out to 4 games this season, 2 of which were awful losses, 2 of which were kickass wins, and turned at least two of said coworkers into Jays fans who are considering buying ticket packages next year
    - I heckle Japanese players in Japanese, and thus manage to say things that would get me kicked out if said in English, still managing to draw laughs from the crowd even when they have no idea what I'm saying
    - I would use free tickets to take more coworkers to a game and convert them into Jays fans.

    Actually, I probably shouldn't even take free tickets. We're going to that game anyways and we'll have to buy them in a block.

  7. @sadp

    Too bad the Rays got rid of Akinori Iwamura, because they don't have any Japanese players now to heckle. But that would have been good to see.

  8. @Argos,
    You sir have had some training and experience in negotiating.....you're in if still interested.

    You had me after "heckle Japanese players in Japanese"
    That would be something to see!
    Sorry I can`t fill your ticket number requirements.

  9. I can't make it though.

  10. I am the most hysterical, rabid Jays fan ever to walk the earth, IMO, of course.

    I also do my homework before mounting a heckling campaign.


  11. @Argos,
    That's to bad man. Woulda been cool to see a game with you. As always, many thanks for your comments.

    Since you made our list of must follow Toronto baseball Twitter feeds, naturally a ticket is yours if you want it.


  12. So when are winners announced or notified? I'm just asking case it's getting really close to game day

  13. @Esteban,
    You are in. Send me an email at 1bluejaysway@gmail.com and we can discuss the details.


  14. I deserve a ticket or two because... I'm such a Jays fan, I'm allowed to rebroadcast or retransmit an account of the game without the express written consent of the Rogers Blue Jays Baseball Partnership.

  15. @James,
    Well that is certainly something! Unfortunately it appears all the freebies are gone :(

    A solid crew will be in attendance for tomorrow's pitching duel of Brett Cecil vs Big Game James Shields.

    Navin from Sports And The City
    Ian from The Blue Jay Hunter
    Jeremy from 500 Level Fan
    Some random dude named Esteban
    Friend of the site Ike Stake
    And me, The Man With The Golden Arm

    Hopefully All Star commenter Mattt will be able to join us. If not, then there still may be one extra voucher. Shoot me an e-mail 1bluejaysway@gmail.com on game day for an update.

    Thanks to all that showed interest.

  16. During HS days I played softball with Burford Blue Birds -a local team of farm girls. Gene Petty,coach frequently drove to Maple Leaf Stadium on a Tues
    eve (discount for "ladies",taking 3 or 4 players with him...luckily I went a few times to see Maple Leafs of Intern. League play...seeing Bubba Jones(?), etc. While at Univ. in Toronto, I eked out enough $$$ to attend a few games.
    Since retiring from teaching, I consistently TV watch the Blue Jays play and "root for them" to win. Today Apr. 29, they lead Seattle 7-2 in 9th inning
    Contact me at mbairdkerr@cogeco.com. Would love to attend a game!!!

  17. because i spend a higher pecentage of my income on the team then rogers does


  18. I don't know if I deserve tickets, but I really,really really would love a chance to see my first ballgame live with my mom who.is also a huge Jays fan. We have both talked about going to a game for years. Sadly. It's never been in the budget for us. So we make sure we catch every game we can on TV. So please, please consider us for these tickets. Thanks for the chance to win I hope you consider us for these tickets. It would mean a lot to us both. Go Jays Go