Brandon Morrow Pitched Like A Man

I decided a while back that I would not post anything fantasy baseball related due to the fact that I'm pretty sure you don't give a shit.  Occasionally when something happens to one of my teams that is Blue Jay related, I mention it.

For The Record: 

I am in 4 pools.
  • A CBS AL only big money league, which is my primary focus due to the $ involved
  • a ESPN mixed league battle of the blogs
  • the Canadian baseball Hall of Fame yearly classic
  • a Yahoo mixed league head to head Blue Jays fan challenge
I enjoy fantasy baseball for various reasons.  Above all, it provides me with up to date info on what is going on around the Majors.  I have been playing for a few years now and always in the roto 5X5 format.  This year I decided to try head to head.

The Battle:

Last week it was me, Team Balco vs. The Blue Jay Hunter, who happens to be the league commish.  We are both very much in contention for a playoff berth.  Based on the fact that I drafted last in the 20 team league and my 2 top picks were Ian Kinsler and Jacoby Ellsbury, both of who have spent a lot of time on the DL, I am happy with my position in the standings.

We both came into week 18 with similar records, albeit in different divisions.

Team Balco: 99 - 88 - 17 representing the Best of the West
The Blue Jay Hunter: 99 - 96 - 9 representing the Beasts of the East

To get the match started off right, I sent him this message:

August 2, 6:22 am
I am going to eat your heart

He didn't reply, probably because he knew deep down that I was right.  That or he didn't see it.....

Early on in the week, I jumped out to a huge lead and had visions of a 12 - 0 skunk.  By mid week, his pitching staff had closed the gap.  Heading into Sunday, I needed a big day from both Jonathan Sanchez and waiver wire pick up Brandon Morrow.  I took a chance on him, way back on June 5th when he was 4 - 4 with an ERA of 6.00

Well Sanchez stunk it up but Morrow came through for me BIG TIME.

9 IP 0 ER 1 HIT 2BB 17 K 1QS

He took a no hitter into the 9th inning, losing it only to a opposite field seeing eye single which Aaron Hill was able to get a glove on.  Say what you will about the official scoring on that particular play but I thought our boys played like an All Star team defensively yesterday.  That catch Vernon made in center, considering the circumstances, was top notch.  He sacrificed his body for his pitcher and that kinda stuff goes a long way in solidifying his place as leader of this young team.

After it was all said and done, I was victorious to the tune of an 8 - 3 - 1 score.  Morrow's performance gave me a half point in the wins category and a full point in ERA, WHIP and strike outs.  The K's category was a nail biter, with me pulling it out by a narrow 2 strike out margin.

Currently I am in 7th place, a half game back of the boys @ Mop-Up Duty.  Top 8 make it to the playoffs.  If I do end up getting to the promise land than I think it's fair to say that Brandon Morrow's gem will be the TSN turning point in my fantasy baseball season.


  1. My bad, didn't see that earlier in the week. I did notice however I was getting slayed 12-0 at one point. Hey, at least I salvaged three points! Good battle sir, best of luck in your future matchups.

  2. Hunter,
    Great match up indeed and I'm glad you have a sense of humor.

    Good luck to you as well and hope we get a chance to settle the score in the playoffs.

  3. You'll never best Bob File Has a Posse. Unless crippling, Bob File-like injuries continue to do me in :(

  4. Chris,
    We will have to wait till the playoffs before we can find out. That is IF I make the playoffs.....

    Thanks for stopping by