Weekly Round Up : Apr. 12 - 18

Please consider this your required reading for the week.  Inflatable Raft met his agent for the first time at a Hooter's in Cancun.  Sweet.

Courtesy of MLBTR:

Toronto's supporters can still hope, though. If Wells hits well this year and has healthy enough legs underneath him to impress scouts and turn around his defensive numbers, teams may be willing to trade for Wells and pick up some of the money he's owed. Jerry Hairston Jr.Mark Kotsay and Rick Ankiel lead the next crop of free agent center fielders, so teams aren't about to find elite solutions on the open market. The Blue Jays will not be able to trade Wells without paying the vast majority of his contract, but they can dream about a deal that allows them to shed $10-20MM.

Trade Vernon?  Is anyone still interested in this idea after his hot start?

Courtesy of MILB.com:

Starting ... relieving, it doesn't seem to matter what the role is to Luis Perez of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. The 25-year-old left-hander was used for three hitless innings of relief on Opening Day, and he made his first start of the season Tuesday against the host Reading Phillies. The results were the same -- Perez was unhittable both times.

Luis Perez is on the 40 man roster.  He wouldn't be there if he sucked.

Courtesy of You Don't Know Dick @ The Star:

There are mixed reviews on Hechavarria as a defender, but the fact is he is now on the clock, having been signed and optioned to the minors. The Jays paid him an up-front signing bonus of $4 million, with $500,000 for 2010 and the rest staggered over the next three years (2011-13). The $4.5 million will count as major-league payroll pushing the Jays' 2010 total up over $66 million. Using his first of three options this year means that he is being fast-tracked to the majors. He needs to be on the 25-man roster by Opening Day of 2013 or he will have to be placed on waivers and likely claimed. But by all reports that is not going to happen. The more likely scenario is that he is the Jays starting shortstop early in the 2011 season with John McDonald as his tutor. 

Dick fucked up the story (again) and needed to be corrected by someone that hasn't lost their mind.  Click here for his correction tweet.

Courtesy of Joe Cowley @ Chicago Sun-Times

Forget the obvious in failing attendance and a shrinking Blue Jays payroll. You can flip on the hotel television and skim through the stations to get the pulse of what's going on. It's NHL, junior hockey, college hockey, high school hockey, Justin Bieber, Canadian Olympians, and more hockey.
Somewhere between celebrity Texas hold 'em tournaments and MuchMusic videos, you might, just might, get a Jays highlight.
After Tuesday's game, a fan asked a local talk show host if building a new stadium would help. Even the host -- Canadian, I'm guessing -- admitted that no one would care after a year.

This guy got destroyed on twitter by the Toronto faithful.  I hit him up with this.

Courtesy of Jeremy Sandler @ National Post:

The article also relied on quotes from Alex Rios, a former Blue Jay who was booed lustily during this week's series, and White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and pitcher Freddy Garcia, both Venezuelans.
It did not offer a chance for anyone currently with the Blue Jays to respond, though a response of sorts did come immediately with several unflattering revisions to the writer's Wikipedia entry. Cowley was also taken to task by Blue Jays fans on Twitter, who created the hashtag #WhyJoeCowleyHatesToronto to track their collective efforts.

By the time this story was published, most of us had had enough.      

Courtesy of FanGraphs:

Fred Lewis is pretty clearly a Major League quality player. In 1,048 plate appearances in the major leagues since 2006, Lewis has recorded a .277/.355/.420 line, showcasing good plate discipline and slightly below average power. His 109 wRC+ suggests an above average player. 2009 was a down year for Lewis, however, as his ISO dropped from .158 to .132. As a result, his wOBA and wRC dropped to .327 and 98 respectively, the first year in which he has been below average in either statistic. The projection systems see him as slightly above average this year, and ZiPS in particular expects a return to 2008 levels.

Courtesy of Beyond The Boxscore:

Toronto almost definitely isn't going to continue to play as well as they have so far this season, but they continue to show that they're in a better position than many made them out to be a few months ago. For practically nothing, the Blue Jays managed to get their hands on a useful player with some team control left. Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos has made a pretty good impression so far in his tenure replacing J.P. Ricciardi, and that should continue with nice moves like this.

Both of these pieces discuss the Fred Lewis trade which is tough to do considering we have not actually completed the trade. 

Courtesy of Baseball America:

Brad MillsTeam: Triple-A Las Vegas (Pacific Coast)
Age: 25
Why He's Here: 1-0, 0.79, 11 1/3 IP, 9 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 18 SO
The Scoop: Life has been good lately for Blue Jays lefties. Ricky Romero nearly threw a no-hitter earlier in the week for Toronto, while Double-A New Hampshire's Luis Perez has been nearly unhittable as well (see below). Mills doesn't have plus velocity, but he's been able to get hitters out by locating and mixing his pitches, including a 70 changeup on the 20-80 scale and a sharp curveball.
2010 Stats

Travis D'ArnaudTeam: high Class A Dunedin (Florida State)
Age: 21
Why He's Here: .400/.406/.667 (12-for-30), 2 2B, 2 HR, 7 RBIs, 1 BB, 3 SO, 1-for-1 SB
The Scoop: When you're involved in a series of trades involving Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor and Brett Wallace, it's easy to get overlooked. Maybe that's the case with d'Arnaud, the former Phillies farmhand who went to the Blue Jays in the Halladay trade. His quick bat and hand-eye coordination make him difficult to strike out, and he's flashed power with two home run in the pitcher-friendly Florida State League. With J.P. Arencibia's struggles in Triple-A, d'Arnaud is looking more and more like Toronto's catcher of the future.
2010 Stats

Luis PerezTeam: Double-A New Hampshire (Eastern)
Age: 24
Why He's Here: 1-0, 0.00, 10 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 8 SO
The Scoop: Sure, he's repeating Double-A, but Perez has thrown 10 innings of one-hit ball to start the season. Perez doesn't have the otherworldly strikeouts of some of the other pitchers on the Hot Sheet, but he gets his fastball up to 93-94 mph with heavy sink to keep the ball on the ground. He might fit in best as a reliever in the Blue Jays' bullpen down the road, but if he can continue to befuddle hitters he might get a chance as a back-of-the-rotation starter.
2010 Stats

3 of the top 13 players mentioned in the "Prospect Hot Sheet" represent your Toronto Blue Jays.  Everybody loves prospect porn!

Nerding it up in Simulation Nation:

According to OOTP11 your Toronto Blue Jays will go 5 - 1 this week coming up including a sweep of KC!
Of note: Shawn Camp was suspended 9 games for initiating an on field disturbance.
For the year: 11 - 8.  1 game behind Tampa Bay for first place.

According to MLB 10 The Show we will go 4 - 2 for the week. 
Of note: Brandon Morrow and Shawn Camp have 3 wins and are among the leaders in wins for the AL.
For the year: 13 - 6.  2 games behind Boston.


  1. Kansas City is just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Gotta say great work in the Globe. I enjoy reading about your trip!

  3. Agreed with the other two comments. The Royals should be a good game although they played the Twins pretty hard, I think we should have a good series against them. I just wish we were playing in Kansas City... we are 5-1 on the road and like 2-4 at home? What are our home fans doing? Is it the booing?

    In other news, I thought the reactions toe Cowley were hilarious! I, in fact strongly disliked the article (still believe rios broke my heart now) but the reactions made it all better.

    I missed Lewis' strikeout in the 9th two days ago, but did see Lewis play today. Nice baserunning and hitting. Seems like we made a great deal (but really, what did we deal.. a player to be named?

    I'm still concerned with Overbay... but I really liked how the players (6 of 'em) all put on Overbay jerseys to support him. Evidently overbay knows he is in a slump... that's why he doesnt need fans booing him. It doesnt help. Overbay is starting to swing the bat better, thank goodness.

    Now Vernon... a trade? Now I am not sure what I want - before the season I was open arms - take him! take him! now he's starting to swing a hot bat. Although the last few games haven't been his best... but yet the Angels pitching was amazing!

    Now it's going to come down to relievers... Accardo, I love you man, but I dont like you this season. Janssen - you're much better. Frasor.. I'm undecided because you blew the first game of the season and the opening game, and I am still resentful.

    What I have seen a difference with is the Jays coming back. In back-to-back games, had they not let in runs in the eighth/ninth, they could have come back to win/tie up the game. Lind's homerun today was no exception! Last year they would have given up much earlier.

    That being said, Ricky deserved the win today, but hopefully they can snap out of it.

    Go Jays Go

    - @Alleycat17

  4. Alleycat,

    Insightful stuff! Thanks for contributing. We appreciate your comments.

  5. Agreed. How infuriating has it been the last few games to see them get those tack on runs off our bullpen then have us score in the 8th or 9th and have it not be enough.


  6. Ryan,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    The bullpen will always be the soft underbelly of any MLB team. What do you guys think of Gregg? We do have TWO option years we could pick up.....

  7. I actually like Gregg. I didnt think i was going to. But I do! Maybe because he hasnt been responsible for a loss yet, but overall he has done well! I'd say sign him. and trade Accardo/Downs/Frasor (Downs blew the game today.. I like him, but they are worth more together). Then put Tallet in the pen and bring Cecil up. Sound like a good plan?


  8. Personally I would trade Tallet as well. He's probably in the rotation for just that reason.....If there are any takers on him I say do it.

    Careful we must be with Cecil. It is much easier to control his innings in Vegas.

    Future looks nice in that rotation. Now if we could just get Morrow into a routine every five days, we may be able to win a few games in a row!

  9. Gregg was never as good as he was when he was getting all those saves (because saves don't mean you are good). Likewise, he was never as bad as he was when he was blowing the saves. He was letting an abnormal amount of fly balls leave the park, a pitcher can effect that, but his rates were very high.

    He's a tick below Frasor(when Frasor is on) and Downs, but is a good reliever. I just hope Downs, Frasor and Gregg are all peaking or doing well at the trade deadline, because there will be a market for those guys. I don't think we can trade all 3 that might be putting too much on some young arms that would be called up to replace them, but trading two of them and letting one of them leave in FA and collect draft picks that way would be ideal.

    I don't think it will go down this way, but sometimes I think about what it would be like if the deadline came and went and we did nothing like the years under JP. I think there would be a revolt.

  10. Ryan,

    Do you get the feeling we have not even started rebuilding yet?

    I have been mulling over a post on that topic for quite sometime now.....I think I'm going to write it. Stay tuned.