Interview with Sean Nolin

We are unloading the clip, so to speak, on the interviews from last year we had stored away for safe keeping. Below you will find one from a consensus top-10 prospect in your Toronto Blue Jays' (ridiculously totally somewhat) thinned-out farm system.

They say that in poker, timing is everything. This rock-solid interview was done on July 19, 2013, almost two full months after Sean Nolin was called up to the show. Our top minor league guru extraordinaire, Mr. Jay Floyd of PhoulBallz.com, Phillies Nation TV, the Shore Sports Network and other outlets wasn't shying away from the elephant in the room at all. "Jay Ballz", as he's nicknamed, asks the tough questions. Jay Ballz listens to the awkward responses. Jay Ballz takes it all in stride. 

In this latest masterpiece you will hear:
  • His motto: "wish high, think high" (just not with the fastball, okay, champ?)
  • How he was notified by a fan in the stands of his MLB promotion
  • How he has been trying to call his own games more often
  • What it's like to throw to top catching prospect A.J. Jimenez
  • Him defending the honour of our boy Jesse Goldberg-Strassler from his days in Lansing
  • How he grew up a Yankee fan and how there might be some added fire when he pitches against the dreaded Red Sox

If you skip ahead to the 2:06 mark you can actually hear what it's like to have your childhood dreams smashed/destroyed/lit on fire right before your very eyes.

Why the hell this guy was brought up to the Major Leagues only to be farmed out the very next day is still a mystery to us. One option burned for a whopping .001 days of MLB service time. We realize that things went south in a hurry last year in terms of arms, but this particular roster move still blows the mind. 

And not in a good way. 

Please don't think that we are down on what the future has in store for this player. We think that he could someday be a decent back-of-the-rotation type guy and he does throw a ball with his left hand. The tale of Sean Nolin's MLB debut and the soul-crushing aftermath should serve smartly as a cautionary warning to the brain trust the next time they think about rushing a young arm up to the show. 

It does appear your Toronto Blue Jays learned this lesson rather quickly since they slammed the breaks on bringing up Marcus Stroman in the garbage time of the season, known more formally in these parts as "September."

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