And The Winner Is:

Barring any ridiculously last minute transactions, here is your Toronto Blue Jays Opening Day 25 man roster:


57Shawn Camp

27Brett Cecil

4Kyle Drabek

54Jason Frasor

44Casey Janssen

51Jesse Litsch

25David Purcey

60Jon Rauch

37Jo-Jo Reyes

24Ricky Romero

34Marc Rzepczynski

33Carlos Villanueva


9J.P. Arencibia

8Jose Molina


10Edwin Encarnacion

5Yunel Escobar

2Aaron Hill

26Adam Lind

18Mike McCoy

6John McDonald

28Jayson Nix


19Jose Bautista

11Rajai Davis

20Juan Rivera

45Travis Snider

Many thanks to bluejays.com for that.

With respect to the contest, it ended up being a tie. Of course it did.

The first 25 Man Roster Challenge had only 4 competitors and it ended in a true tie.

The second 25 Man Roster Challenge had 17 competitors and it ended up in a 6 way tie.

Congratulations are in order for the following teams who ended up getting 21 of the 25 players correct albeit in very different ways.

Team Blue Jay Hunter
Team Darrel
Team Peter
Team Rob
Team Human Rain Delay
Team Man With The Golden Arm

The injury to Brandon Morrow really opened the door for a lot of different pitching staff combos. The Roster Challenge certainly reflected this. Also of note was the Corey Patterson head shot. Up until that point it looked like he was a given as the 4th OF. Team Andy Mc, Team Nemesis Enforcer and Team Gregor ended up with 20 players correct. They were knocked out of first place as soon as that 95 MPH fastball hit Corey`s helmet.

As for the vote, well, Team April used the power of her 2124 followers and dominated.

 Who Will Win The 25 Man Roster Challenge?
Team Last Row 500's 3%
Team April 32%22 
OKBluejays 4%
Team BJH 6%
Team Darell 3%
Team Peter 3%
Team Jeff 4%
Team Jonathan 1%
Team James 3%
Team Rob 4%
Team GC 0%
Team Dave 1%
Team Andy Mc 4%
Team Gregor 10%
Team Human Rain Delay 3%
Team Nemesis Enforcer 10%
Team Man With The Golden Arm 7%
69 votes total 

Thanks to everyone for playing! Glad to have you guys on board. Make sure to look for the Challenge again next year. Till then, does anyone have an idea how we can break a tie in this sort of format? The prize of a autographed Randy Knorr 8 by 10 photo doesn't really split up multiple ways very well.

I'll just hang on to this bad boy for now.....

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  1. Here's what I purpose - everyone has a designated day they get the photo, and then we can do a 6 week rotation in which everyone also gets the picture for a Sunday.