84 - 78. Book it.

Let's be honest, predictions are really silly. You can say whatever you want at the start of the season and be right. Last year I thought your Toronto Blue Jays were going to be just awful. I went on record with this shitstain: 

Dead last in the AL East, maybe even the entire AL. 

We won 75 games last season and that included contributions from Scott Rolen and Alex Rios for roughly two thirds of the season.  We replaced them with Edwin Encarnasion and Jose Bautista.  That win total also includes a full season of Roy Halladay and Marco Scutaro.  We replaced them with Brandon Morrow and Alex Gonzalez. I hate to be so negative before the season even starts but I think we may be in danger of flirting with the teams fourth 100 loss season.

I also had Adam Lind as the team MVP. 

Huh. How about that?

Naturally, I took bets. The line was set at the 2009 win total of 75 minus a half point. I had the under. There turned out to be only one taker. A friend from work, when asked for his thoughts, dropped an 85 on me. After I finished laughing directly at him we promptly put 20 bucks on it. He liked the young arms and thought they would come together.

So for this year, I have decided to look past all the perceived holes and question marks facing the mighty Blue Jays. I refuse to acknowledge that the unbalanced schedule and inter league play hurts our chances of victory. All I did was ask "Mr 85 wins out of fucking nowhere in 2010" for his thoughts again this year minus the whole betting thing. This is what he came back with: 

I have 84 in my mind. I gotta believe that the way Johnny is gonna run this year that we'll win about the same but just a little differently.


  1. their win total will depend on their results in interleague and vs. AL east.
    Offence looks more creative
    Bullpen is more solid, and depth to it, as well
    Starting staff still hasn't taken long term form yet, but will be pretty solid 1-5 this year.
    1. Offence will take a step forward
    2. Bullpen will take a step forward
    3. Starting staff will keep them in games. It needs one more year before they start to become dominant from 1-5

    I think they win more than last year if they play well in interleague and against the AL East.

    I don't like to put numbers, but let's go with 89-91 wins.

  2. GC,

    I dropped a bunch of predictions over at our boy Jay's site: