And Down The Stretch They Come

I think it's fair to say that this years edition of the 25 Man Roster Challenge has been sponsored by injuries. It's basically a 22 Man Roster Challenge now because 3 (Morrow, Francisco and Dotel) of the 17 players that every ballot had making the Opening Day Roster are a lock to start the year on the DL, with special attention being placed on 2Frank. 15 of the 17 competitors selected him as the closer, which happens to be the primary tie breaker. Team April and Team OKBluejays are looking good with the Jon Rauch prediction. Hat tip for taking the long-shot guys. Speaking of long-shots, how about yours truly taking Jo-Jo in the rotation!

Maybe I'm not such an idiot after all eh?

Please take a moment to look over the ballots and get your vote in for which one you think will win it.


  1. Corey Patterson will start the season on the DL as well now.

    Also, did anyone have Jayson Nix on their Roster?

  2. @Peter,
    Ah, nope. No Nix. We did have a Pedro Alvarez selection from Team Dave.

    This thing turned into a gong show. I love it.

  3. Here's the opening Day Roster.

    Looks like the only guy I got wrong (out of the players not selected by everyone) was Podsednik. Anyone beat that?