A Villanueva With Hair!

AA traded yet another player to be named later in exchange for RHP Carlos Villanueva. I'm poised to believe that he definitely is someone who could benefit from a change in leagues and scenery. Yes, his career average fastball velocity is 100 MPH minus 12 MPH but he has a chance to win a bullpen job in Toronto and maybe re-gain his '06-'08 success.

In '10, Carlos and LaTroy Hawkins pretty much teamed up to see which of the adversarial pitchers could spend more time on the DL. He also lost a job to Zach Braddock, and now the Brewers seem more inclined to give the younger fellows on their roster a chance, such as the aforementioned Braddock. The Jays on the other hand, currently have several bullpen spots to fill. Villanueva is sure worthy of a spot, but that comes with a very, and I mean VERY good Spring Training on his part.

He's a 4 pitch pitcher that uses his change up to get guys out. I'm guessing it won't take very long to figure out if he can hack it in the AL East.


  1. i think you are valueing CV a little low. he will cost the jays very little, he is 27, and he is arbitration eligible next year. he has several years of experience in the majors and a change of scenery may help. I see him as being a solid middle reliever for the Jays. If frasor closes, he cannot be that much worse than Greg. Thus, if his stats can be comparable to Greg, but not as a closer it will be at 5 years younger and cheaper then Greg.

  2. If he turns into another version of the unspectacular yet highly effective Sean Camp then I'm happy.

  3. @psmith

    I said in the begining that I think the trade will work out. I've always liked Villanueva a lot, I was just talking about his struggles on the Brewers and what he needed to improve upon. I think the deal will work out, I just think it'll take a good Spring Training for Carlos to prove it.

  4. Yes, but if we look at IP and games pitched in the bigs he is no rookie to the show. To impress jays fans he will need a strong showing in spring training but he might not heed as much to impress the staff and AA. Downs has pitched 571ip, and 379 in the majors where as Gregg 535 ip, and 406 games, and CV 425 IP, and 230 Games. First the jays need to make sure to keep him as a closer and not constantly switching him from closer, sp, to rp again. CV will not likely close but he may be a strong mid reliever or a potential set up man (8th inning specialist). what it will be worth noting though is who is the ptbnl.

  5. @Psmith

    First off, the PTBNL will not be anyone special. My opinion, it's Danny Perales or Moises Sierra.

    Second of all, I see what you're saying, but like all transactions as such, you need to earn a job. I don't think he's "fighting" for a job, but a horrible April will also come with a one way plane ticket to Las Vegas. I think he's going to do fine with the change of leagues and pressureless Rogers Centre, but he needs to get his act together is all I'm saying.

  6. I would be pissed if it was Moises 'Raul Mondesi' Sierra was traded. Simply because of my man-crush on him.

  7. Villanueva struck out a lot of batters last year. Maybe he found a pitch that worked - if so I hope he drops his least effective pitch, since relievers really don't need 4 pitches. I seem to recall a lot of talk about him starting over the last few years in Milwaukee, maybe now that he's definitively a reliever he can focus on reliever skills.


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