Slim Pickings


Looking at the list of 1B Free Agents still available and I just have to ask: why don't we explore the possibility of acquiring Yonder Alonso or Chris Carter, two blocked 1B prospects who's current value isn't as high as it could be in a year or so?


  1. Both of those options do not seem that bad. I just want SOMETHING done. The off season started out with so much potential and discussion. I'm anxious to see what A.A has in store.

  2. I have concerns about Chris Carter's ability to produce at the major league level, he strikes out an awful lot in the minor leagues and some suggest he may be a platoon player.

    As for Alonso, I've been suggesting they go after him for over a year now, that being said, a 'mystery team' (wonder who that was) approached the Reds about Alonso this off season and the Reds stated he is not available.

    If I'm the GM, I try to entice the Reds with a package including pitching prospects or catching prospects.

  3. Span.. You work for this website now??

  4. @April

    I hear ya, but at this point, a quiet off-season is a good one. Keep in mind, that even when AA doesn't make moves, things get done. For example, the draft picks just keep coming in after the former Typa A's and B's of the Jays last year sign with other teams. There is a lot more to be done though, so just be patient.


    Carter has value and had a tremendous last two weeks of the season. He is a very good offensive and defensive 1B and has cut down on the K's. I think both are buy low candidates at this point, Yonder isn't completely unavailable, especially with that Votto guy under team control for a few more years.



  5. WOW.. Great article.. Did you stay up all night writing a draft?? Honestly, I've read tweets that had more information and effort in them then this post.. Golden Arm, if people want to contribute to this site they should get their acts together