Who's Your Adeiny? Thoughts/Video/Comparisons

It doesn't help our favorite Cuban shortstop to have Jose Iglesias - the guy who everyone compares Adeiny to - in the same league but Adeiny has the talent and ability to hold his own. I was able to learn a little spanish from Adeiny, had some fun moments with him, watched him make some dazzling defensive plays and got to see him swing the bat a ton.

Obviously this was his first season in pro ball in America. Which is why in my opinion I don't think a .273 AVG and a .305 OBP in AA (considering the adjustment to the speed of the game and life in general here) is all that bad at all. I do believe he's going to continue to improve next season. My guess is he starts the year in New Hampshire but all he has to do to get to Vegas is hit because the glove is as good or better than any shortstop in professional baseball. The arm is still getting there, but he has the defensive instincts to succeed a great deal at any level of pro ball, including the Majors.

I dug up some video of Adeiny at the plate this season. Pretty much every different type of at-bat that I saw from him. The ones where he is wearing the blue uniform was the same game that Kyle Drabek pitched his no-hitter, which I have video of as well. To me Adeiny is the perfect 2 hole hitter. He knows how to play a little small ball, hit the ball the opposite way, and go gap-to-gap. Hopefully the power will come.


Here's something else that I wanted to show. I am a big fan of Carlos Perez who spent some of this past season with Auburn in the New York Penn League. I was actually lucky enough to see Carlos hit one of his few home runs. The Doubledays came to Burlington to play the Vermont Lake Monsters which is how I saw them.

Well in my opinion, Adeiny's potential is somewhat similar to Carlos'. Both of whom have very similiar swings and are pretty much the same type of hitter. Although I would give the edge to Carlos Perez in the long run.


  1. I voted yes in the poll about Uggla.

    He's a proven top tier infield commodity. If Uggla is available, get the deal done.

  2. Jay,
    You have watched him play a whole lot considering the Marlins are in your division. Can I ask you how bad his defense really is?

  3. I don't think Uggla to Toronto would be a good move.

  4. So in a year or two when his arm is stronger he's the best defensive short stop in the world?

  5. Uggla is not as awful on defense as some might make him out to be.

  6. @Argos!

    In the entire world? No. Ozzie Smith is still alive.....

    That's what I figured. I doubt we get him and if we don't, I hope it's not because of his defense.

    Thanks for the comments guys.