Game 141 Recap: Live And In Effect

So, the 1 Blue Jays Way free ticket giveaway extravaganza was no doubt a success.

Most of the details are a little hazy still, so I decided not to fight it. 

Fuck paragraphs.

Was able to get seats in the 2nd row, at the box office, after the game had started.

There was some expected add/drops to the line up during game day.

Couldn't find Esteban in an empty bar.

Navin bailed but did it early.

Jimmy Triggs called moments after arriving at the airport and made an unexpected appearance.

My buddy Ty, who lost a massive Jays related bet and still hasn't paid the heavy price, was a late addition.

Got chirped by Ike Stake and Jimmy Triggs for inviting a couple of dudes I've never met to a ballgame.

Was asked if I met Jeremy on Lava Life.

Cecil sucked.

Before I sat down it was 6 - 0 for the Devil Gays.

I heckled our own mascot with this, captured in time by Andy: 

"Diamond flew away, eh Ace? Tough break."

Bautista hit 2 bombs, the second one to tie the game up at 8 in the bottom of the 7th.

Fact: Ian and I have seen 2 games together and Bautista has hit a total of 4 HR in those games.

This is the only thing I felt the need to tweet all game:

That was fucking awesome! Tie game. #jays

Aaron Hill made a game saving play on defense. 

Gregg sucked.

Carl Lindeman Crawford got fucked the fuck up. 

At one point I remember looking down at my feet and seeing 4 full beers.

Had to play peace maker with a guy that I was calling 8 Ball and Cue Ball all night.

Ian did a really good job on his recap.

Many thanks to everybody for a very entertaining evening.

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