Game 126 Recap: Live And In Effect

I sent out a text message around noon to see if I could find a wing man for the rubber match game against the Yankees. Only one willing and able man replied yes and that man was the infamous Jimmy Triggs.

Seeing a game with Jimmy is an experience that every Jays fan really should partake in. It's always a blast but there is one small downside, normally I can't remember much of the actual game at all. Game 126 was no different. Thank goodness for PVR. 

The Good:
  • Vernon actually hitting like a clean up guy! 3 for 4 with a single, triple and a homer. He ended up with 4 RBI, 2 of them coming with 2 out.
  • How about the hustle and heart shown by slugger J-Bau? He beat out an easy force play at second base, with 2 out, which ended up chasing starter Phil Hughes from the game. Nice call by umpire Jerry Meals. Still doesn't make up for his complete uselessness behind the plate in Game 124.
  • Brett Cecil working out of a bases loaded jam in the top of the 2nd. It's a completely different game if he doesn't get out of that inning with no runs allowed. He ended up going 8 strong innings for the win.
  • The group of fans in the outfield seats in right that continually chanted: Yankees SUCK. All game!
The Bad: 

Much was made early on in the season about umpire Joe West's comments regarding the pace of play for a game that the Yanks and Red Sucks played. At the time, Joe was made out to be the villain. 

For the record: I think West is a douchebag.

But after watching catcher Jorgay Posada make 6 trips to the mound in the first 4 innings, I gotta say West may be on to something. That total doesn't even include the 2 visits by the pitching coach and the 1 trip by the manager.  In total, 9 times a Yankee went to the mound to discuss something with their pitcher in the first 4 fucking innings.

The Ugly:

In classic Yankees fashion, the game was not over till it was in fact over. Somehow their hitters managed to get down to their final strike on 5 separate occasions before finally registering 3 outs in the top of the ninth. In those at bats they ended up getting 2 walks, a single, a HBP and then mercifully, the fly out to end the game. Love em or hate em you have to respect that. 

Of Note:

Brett Cecil's ERA in his first 13 starts of the season: 4.39
Brett Cecil's ERA in his last 8 starts not including this gem: 3.14

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