Chicks Dig The Long Ball: Volume 1

We are going to switch it up a bit on you in this piece. I have enlisted the services of a few smoking hot babes that are friends of mine to give their thoughts on your Toronto Blue Jays. I must admit, most women see the game from a very different angle. But as any of you who have traveled to see baseball in the States know, there are always chicks at the park and that is VERY cool with me. Hopefully this will provide your hottie with some reasons to become more interested in the game that we love.

If you are a man, I advise you to do the following:
  • Stop reading
  • Go find your squeeze
  • Sit her down in front of the computer
  • Thank me later
First off, before I start off in loads of ladies talk, let me introduce myself. I am The Jayz Girl, BIGGEST FORMER fan of your Toronto Blue Jays.

Former?!?! I had sworn off baseball since the back to back World Series wins by MY Jays. The days of Carter, Olerud and Roberto Alomar *sigh* those were the good ol' days.....

When I met The Man With The Golden Arm, and heard the stories of his drunken game attendances at the SkyDome, I seriously thought this dude was lame with a capital L. I totally hated on his love for baseball, but he said to me one day, "girl, give them a chance, they aren’t as bad as you think". Little did I know this dude knew his shit and totally turned me into a believer. I attended my first baseball game after an almost 15 year hiatus, on June 19, 2010, Toronto vs San Fran, and had awesome seats at row 25 right behind first base courtesy of a good buddy of mine. First thing I did when I sat down, was send The Man With The Golden Arm a picture of my view. Not only was he a surprised to see me attending a game but was actually happy I had given them a chance and maybe a little jealous because I was at the game while he was slaving away at work. All in all, had a great time, and much luv to the group of hecklers who kept me entertained throughout the game.....Too bad they got kicked out near the end :(  My son, who plays rookieball (a cross between T ball and baseball), also loved the game and to have an 8 year engaged for a whole game, tell me that isn’t something!  Since then, I have been on-top of the Blue Jays World, although I may not have the schedule to watch a FULL game but I watch when I can, and the extra tidbits I need, I get from right here at 1BlueJaysWay.

So on with the womanly talk. Since this is 1BlueJaysWay - where its all Jays, all the time - I am going to stick with the Jays hotties.....

The newest hottie to join the Blue Jays just recently is the man I want to start off with, Yunel HOTSTUFF Escobar.....Ladies and Gents y'all may not think this dude is particularly a pretty boy, I don’t either, but he has this swagger, this air of confidence around him and that itself totally makes him a hottie in my books. From the way he walks, runs those bases and even bats, it totally makes me in awe of him... I know many of you Gents are also crushing him, don’t front! Hey, if The Man With The Golden Arm can admit his man crush, you can too! And Ladies, I know y'all watch this man's 6 ft 2, 200 lbs frame like its fresh meat, even this 5ft'er does :) so if he has got all this swagger on the field, imagine elsewhere *shivers*

As I get all warm and tingly talking about Yunel, I must include this clip of his SUPER DUPER, totally AWESOME play. Now tell me that this doesn’t for it for you:

For the hardcore baseball buffs, that’s what you call f’ing talent and for the people who simply watch to man-gaze, its super sexy. Totally sexy because he passed the ball with such ease, and to throw accurately from your glove, that play totally oozed Escobar Swagger right there.

Not to say there aren’t any other hotties on the Blue Jays besides Escobar but I will simply go through my little list and give them honorable mention and some explanation. I don’t think all you dudes need to know what us ladies see when you are studying pitching and batting styles. I am doing this for the ladies.....

Another hottie, who I think of every time O.M.G by Usher is played on the radio - which is ALL THE TIME! - is Jose BAUUUUTISTA!

I totally love the scruffy beard he has from time to time, even though kissing a dude with scruff irritates my skin, I would make the sacrifice for him. Now I have seen Bautista with various degrees of beard throughout the season, and I must say the 2-3 days growth is best. Not the violent beard that The Man With The Golden Arm thinks is so manly and makes a man a man. He certainly doesn’t know what it feels like to have that stuff brushing over your skin in heated moments.

Finally the last South American hunk I want to talk about is pitcher Ricky Romero… Some say he kinda looks like LL Cool J, do I see the resemblance?

A tad, but LL Cool J definitely has hotter lips. Ricky is one of the hotter Blue Jays pitchers and take a look at his pitching delivery, in a word: intense

Another Blue Jays hottie that I think is a total cutie patootie is Aaron Hill. He’s got this awesome cute smile and eyes that you want to take a swim in, so dreamy…..

From the other players listed you may think I have an obsession with tanned skin, but trust me, it’s quite the opposite. This dude not only is HOT on the field, he is a total hottie off the field too as you can see.....And those cutsie ears, I definitely would tug at them if he was naughty *rawr*

So that’s it dudes and dudettes, I don’t only watch baseball for the men, but they are definitely nice to look at. Thanks a bunch to The Man With The Golden Arm for encouraging me to write my first post, lets see how it goes, maybe you will see more of me out there!


  1. Can't log into twitter at work so I'll post it here.

    Was at the Moose last night, love the $3.50 happy hour pints (4-7).

    Was pretty packed last night with yankees, Jays, and Tom Petty fans. Next time let me know you're there, and I'll come up and say hi (I prefer the basement, the upper floor used to be another restaurant so I always flock to the original part of the Moose). I'm assuming you were upstairs, of course.

  2. @GM
    Thanks for stopping by sir!
    We were actually down in the basement at the bar enjoying the cheap beers with some Petty fans. Next time I'm in the big smoke I'll let you know and maybe we can have a beer or three. Love the extendo happy hour.