Game 51 Recap: That's two in a row! For us...

Good afternoon fellow Jays fans! A beautiful day, a tad too hot for this guy so I decided to enjoy my couch and watch a Jays game.

Nothing too exciting today and it was over quickly, Ricky must have had somewhere to be this afternoon.

Let's get to the good stuff:

Lewis continues to impress, first pitch the Jays saw today went to left and Freddy started the day off with a double. Almost looked like he wasn't going to make it home until Wells drove him in with his own double.

The Jays scored 3 in the first frame and none of those runs came in off a home run. That was a nice change, I get worried that all these bombs will dry up and we won't be able to score. A worry hitting coach Dwayne Murphy doesn't seem to have. See the bad section later.

It was nice to catch a game without Buck mis-pronouncing players names. But there is a bad side to that coin. Again see the bad section later on.

Looks like the seven spot is suiting Lyle just fine, hit his 3rd homer in 2 days. Glad to see him come around and start doing, well anything. The Angels are now looking for a first basemen after some seriously bad luck yesterday.

Ricky pitched well, only walked 2 and struck out 7 earning the fans some free pizza and doing it all on only 102 pitches for his second complete game of the year. Amazing the difference when he isn't pitching in front of his family. Just looked at his stats and this one looked like a done deal from the start, day games, on turf and at home he's been solid with an era well under 2.

Sam Cosentino started to talk about Ohman's scoreless streak and one pitch into his day J-Bau launches one. Then the wonderful announcer starts again and BOOM Gonzo lifts one out. 6th time this season the Jays have gone for back to back jacks.

The three homers today lifts the May total to 53 and the record for a month is 58. We've got Garza tomorrow night, so it's not looking like we're breaking the record.

Speaking of records, J-Bau has tied the Jays monthly homerun record with 12. That ties him with Cruz Jr and Delgado. This record has a chance to be broken since Jose has been going nuts this month.

Like I hoped, the Jays completed the sweep.

Now on the bad:

Dwayne Murphy was interviewed before the game and was asked about the low average's and on-base percentage and basically came out and said that they are over-rated and outdated stats and that they don't tell the entire story. Then asked about all the homers and said, the homers are nice, it just means we're scoring. Wow, cheerful guy. Not sure what would excite this guy.

Like I said earlier, Buck wasn't in today. But that gives us Sammy C and holy crap this guy is even worse. No show of emotion at all, hello Mr Monotone.

Ricky's first inning balk was just a sign of things to come, but with a better result a few innings later when he picked off Patterson trying to steal.

John Buck came up in the first and the third with runners on and both times did nothing, one strikeout and one pop up. His bat seems to have cooled a wee bit.

Gonzo made a couple of strange errors today. The first one was a ball that E5 should have had and Gonzo almost seemed surprised that it got to him and made a brutal throw that missed the bad by 15 feet. Then later he was attempting to make a Tony Fernandez type throw and it just dropped out of his hand. For a guy that was praised for his defense he's seems to have made more then a few errors so far this season. Although he prolly gets to more balls then most giving him more chance at an error. Ya, let's go with that.

That's all I've got, like I said it was a fairly quiet game.

A couple of things from Halladay's perfect game:

Apparently the Florida Marlins in a very classy move have given Roy the rubber from the mound.
Roy was back at the stadium at 8:45 this morning working out and someone said, you couldn't sleep in after throwing a perfect game yesterday? Classic Roy response, "I can sleep in during the winter".

Looking ahead:

Tomorrow the first place Rays come to town.  I wonder how many of their criminals will be "detained" at the airport?

Garza (5-3) Vs. Morrow (3-4) with a 7:07 start.

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