Game 8: Go Figure

I knew it was bound to happen.  We have five guys who contribute to this blog and we all try to watch as much baseball as possible but sometimes life gets in the way.....

As luck would have it, I forgot to set my PVR.  Likely due to the fact that I was completely fucking hungover from the Home Opener and was more concerned with things like: getting to work, showering and getting some much needed food into me. 

So, none of us here at 1bluejaysway can provide you with a game recap of any significance.  I will not insult your intelligence and just pretend that I watched Ricky Romero spin a beauty.  Based on the attendance, which was 12,167, not to many of you got to see it first hand either. 

8 innings, 1 hit given up, 2 walks, 12 K's and two earned runs allowed on a Rios Cruz homer.

Not to shabby for our number three guy in the rotation.

It all reminds of a time a few years back.....

Your Toronto Blue Jays are 6 - 2 and remain in first place.  Now would be the time to go see them play ball as they appear to be playing with confidence.  And no, Rogers did not pay me to say that.    

Looking ahead, we got Brandon Morrow going up against John Danks.  Solid pitching match up.  I hope Morrow is able to find his release point a little earlier than his last time out.


  1. Morrow is fukn useless-potential or not, big gun or not, low 90'2 or not....Dustin - Are you ready yet - hurry the fuk up!!!

  2. Heyo!
    Let's give him a few more starts before we write him off. He needs to work on some things for sure and may have to do it in the minors.....

    McGowan has not picked up a ball since he was shut down. I think he may have a better chance of being transferred to the 60 day DL, than coming back and helping us win.