Why aren't we going after Johnny Damon?

I keep reading that Johnny Damon is running out of options, it got me thinking, why aren’t we looking at Damon?

Sure we’ve got left field options, I’ve read that the Jays would prefer not to have both Lind and Snider in the field at the same time if possible. So put Lind in the DH spot and crush my dream of having Ruiz as our everyday DH. I can live with that if it means putting the best team on the field. Ideally I'd like to see the impending Overbay deal happen as I've said a few times now. But whatever, I'll live with him for one more year. We’ve got Bautista sure, but Damon’s stats are much better. Plus if Johnny comes to Toronto maybe he can grow his Jesus beard once again.

And as Golden Arm just pointed out, we've got a roster spot available. I'd like to see this happen.

Let's compare the two's stats:

Bautista’s 2009 stats.

.235 Avg, 56 BB, 4 SB, 13 HR’s, 40 RBI in 113 games.

Damon’s 2009 stats.

.282 Avg, 71 BB, 12 SB, 24 HR’s, 82 RBI in 143 games.

But in also seriousness, this gives the Jays a MUCH needed lead off man for our lineup since we are clearly missing that. Plus with all these kids on the team if gives us a little more veteran presence and from a team that just won it all. Give him a 3-4 million dollar deal plus incentives. It's a win win for everyone involved. Damon’s running out of options and apparently even considered retirement at one point. Maybe next year he’ll have some better luck getting to a team that has a playoff chance. But at this point Mr. Damon, what other options do you have?


  1. Damon's projected stats for 2010 courtesy of CHONE:

    526AB 95RUNS 17HR 66RBI 16SB .270AVG .357OBP .432SLG

    That would look good at the top of ANY lineup. 1 year plus an option to play LF.

  2. If I were Damon I would sign were I can get the most at-bats. He has won his rings, now he's on the hunt for 3000 hits and the Hall of Fame.
    He needs to play 3.5 more seasons and keep on his 169 hits per season avg that he has in his first 14yrs in the bigs to get 3000. So forget the ring, you got one. Get hitting for 3-4 more years.