And the winner of the Cuban lottery is:


He hits 100mph from the stretch @ the 3 minute mark.

So, we lost the Cuban lottery, can’t say that I’m overly surprised, but I am relieved. Can’t see why he decided on the Reds as I don’t think they’re any good either. He won’t have to compete in the AL East which must have something to do with his decision. Well that and the other 7 million dollars. But after all that, I’m glad we didn’t win, here we’ve got this kid who hasn’t pitched a day in the majors, I don’t think his stats are that great. Speaking of stats, his Cuban League stats translate to major league levels to what pretty much what we've already got. Sure with some seasoning and him getting used to big league hitters he "might" be something. But at that rate of pay, he doesn't have that kind of time. With 30 million on the line I’m guessing he’ll be pitching in the bigs before he’s ready. The Reds GM has already said that he may break camp with the team. He may break camp? You're going to have a player getting paid 6 million in the minors? 30 million might buy you a lot of things, but one thing it doesn’t buy you is time.

But for me, there is a much, much bigger story here. When you first heard or read that the Jays were at one point close to the front of the pack for this kid; what was your first reaction? I’ll tell ya right fucking now; I was like WHAAAT? When was the last time we were in the front of the pack for anything? When was the last time you could actually find the Jays mentioned in a story on Foxsports or ESPN’s website that didn’t involve Roy Halladay? Every time I read about the Jays it’s never good, 4th largest market in the league doesn’t get us many news stories down there. I was happy to see the Jays in the headlines again, but more importantly; I am happy to see Boy Wonder trying to make a big move. A very risky move, but a big move none the less. J.P. tried to make these kinds of big moves as well; Hello B.J. Ryan! They never seemed to work out for him. So why this time when Boy Wonder decided he’s going to make a big risky move, why am I excited about it? Faith is the answer to that question boys and girls, I’ve actually got some confidence in this GM, this President and I don’t think I’m alone in this. Rogers has faith in this kid. The fact that we were even talking contracts with this kid tells me that Rogers has faith in what Boy Wonder has to say and they’re buying what he’s selling. I don’t think they had faith in J.P. for a few years now, but just couldn’t pull the trigger on getting rid of him. Once again it comes down to hope and I’ve got hope in Boy Wonder taking us to the next level.


We DID re-aquire Zach Jackson. He joins the others on the list of shitty minor league free agents.

Boy Wonder still has one spot open on his 40 man roster but no back up catcher. Are we done shopping?

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