What We Need Is.....

So, after a few hours at the home of the inlaws, I had some time to reflect on what it is the Jays need. There are very few certains in sports, in the NFL you have the white kicker. In the NBA you have the athletic swingman. In the NHL you have the cocky Russian Sniper and the French-Canadian Goalie. And in Major League Baseball you have the Dominican middle infielder and the right handed pitcher from Texas. Take a look around Jays fans, how many dominant pitchers have been right handed and from Texas. Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens and Josh Beckett. Remember when the Jays won it all? Who did we have up the Middle? Catch the taste Robbie and Dominican Tony. And who did we have on the bump that year? Granted he wasn't a star, but we had Gregory Scott "Woody" Williams from Houston Texas in the rotation. We need a sweet fielding middle infielder to go with the Hill up the middle and we need a good ol' fashion corn fed fireballer from Texas. Maybe he's already in our system, Robert Ray is from Lufkin, Texas, and we have a kid named Gustavo Pierre in the low minors, he was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Maybe all the so called "baseball writers" are right, maybe, just maybe 2012 will be the Jays year.....

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  1. He's hitting him with his pitching hand.....guess Bull Durham wasn't made yet!


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