Hope...Part One...

Call me crazy, but I'm thinking our 2010 Blue Jays are going to score a good amount of runs. I know what you're thinking, come on?!? The 2009 Jays had some players that didn't do what they should and what they get paid for, Vernon I'm looking at you. Then we had some players that had some career years. Now I'm looking at you Aaron. But in all seriousness, well as much I can have, I think this team is going to lose a lot of 10-8, 9 - 8 games. Let's face it, our pitching is going to be the weak link of this team, I'm going to make assumptions of things that might happen. If not, well, my plan goes to shit and what fun is that? But that's the fun of being a fan in the offseason. Alright, enough chat lets look at this. First Base: Adam Lind, great year last year and I don't expect those kind of numbers this year. I think he'll be moved to first this year as I don't see Overbay making it to spring in a Toronto jersey. .280 Avg, 28 HR, 97 Rbi's Second Base: Aaron Hill, Again I can't see him having another year like last year. He'll do well I'm sure, well I hope, but I don't expect those numbers again. .300 Avg, 25 HR, 86 Rbi's. Shortstop: Alex Gonzalez, look again, it's not the same one, but jez he hits with the same awful numbers. .240 Avg, 8 HR, 40 Rbi's Third Base: Brett Wallace, there's talk of moving this kid over to first, I say let's see what he's got. Word on the street is that he's been working real hard to prove people wrong and prove that he can play third. I like the kids attitude. Let's take a look. .275 Avg, 17 HR, 50 Rbi's Left Field: Again it looks like we've got Bautista, doesn't usually hit for average, but he's got a little bit of pop. .250 Avg, 15 HR, 45 Rbi's Centre Field: Vernon Wells, what can I say about this guy that hasn't been said before. Continuing on my crazy theory of these powerful 2010 Jays, I'm calling it right now! Vernon's coming back next year. I know we said it for two years now maybe three, but I gotta call it. He can't be shit 3 years in a row can he? .280 Avg, 30 HR, 100 Rbi's. Right Field: Travis Snider, sigh, come on kid. Show us what you've got. .275 Avg, 25 HR, 80 Rbi's. DH: Randy Ruiz, ok ok, I know what you're thinking, WHAT!?!? Management is prepping us for another bad year in Toronto this year. I say, throw Ruiz in the DH spot and let's see what he can do. We did that with Lind and how'd that work out? 10 Homers in 30 Games last year for Ruiz, oh sure I don't expect him to hit 50 HR's this year. But I don't see why he can't hit 30 and bring in 90-100 for us next year. Sure he's going to strikeout a LOT, but really, who else can we stick in there that'll do better? .280, 30 HR, 95 Rbi's. I really can't predict what's going on with catcher at this point, it might be Buck, it might not...just in these 8 players we've averaged 20 homers each. Sure things have to go right for these predictions to come to fruition. Things have to go right is what being a Jays fan is all about. Without hope with this team, what else we got?


  1. That $20 bet we made on Vernon is as good as mine.
    .280 30 100
    I hope I lose....but I know I won't

  2. It's a long season as they say and my god how can he be shit this many years in a row.