Interview With Rowdy Tellez

"You're your own best coach." Rowdy Tellez. Which sounds like something Brett Lawrie still says.

Our boy Jay Floyd caught up with the slugging first baseman last week. He is the youngest player on the AA New Hampshire team at the time of taping. They discuss:

  • Eastern League competition and what it's like to face the future aces of other team's staffs;
  • Going to Giants' games and cheering for Barry Bonds;
  • Being a late round pick and using it as an incentive.
  • His habit of taping the other team's catcher's shin guards twice before every at bat;

On the whole chip on your shoulder thing: We get it. Baseball is a ridiculous grind every damn day, all season. These guys need to use absolutely everything they can to get up and produce every day. But man, this guy's agent probably sends out a note to all 30 teams saying, "Don't waste a pick on my guy, he's going to USC." Then, everybody passes until round 30 and the Blue Jays throw $850,000.00 your way, which is early 3rd round money. Classic backfire.

Had an equipment malfunction, so here's the answer to the last question:

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