Less Than One Week To Go.....

Not quite sure what hot women in bikinis racing on a horse track has to do with this post at all but someone really smart once told us to know your audience.

Please consider this your first and only friendly reminder that the deadline to get your ballot in for the 4th annual 25 Man Roster Challenge is rapidly approaching.

The rules are ridiculously simple. You must:

1) Submit a team name.

2) Submit a list of 25 players that you think will be on the Opening Day roster.

3) Do this before the deadline which is February 12th at the stroke of midnight.

That is all that stands between you and glory.

Once again the tiebreaker will be your Toronto Blue Jays spring training record. With the WBC going on this year, it adds a certain wrinkle to the thought process on that. All teams will be missing some of their key impact players for a few weeks of games and the Jays are not immune to this. We are thinking that the teams with the best minor league depth at the upper levels will fair best this spring training. Perhaps that should be taken into consideration. Or not.

Rest assured the tiebreaker will come into play again this year so please include it with your ballot. It is not a requirement and your ballot is valid without a tiebreaker but it really is in your best interest to provide one.

For a break down on all the prizes, a bit of strategy that we really don't feel the need to go over again and many more details click here.

If you wish to submit a ballot feel free to provide as much or as little explanation for your selections as you see fit. Please use the comments section on this post or you can send an email to 1bluejaysway(at)gmail.com if you want to keep your ballot private. If you have a blog and want to do up a post about this topic, just fire over the link and we will be sure to include it with your ballot.

Hope you join us and play!

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