Name That Photo Contest!

It's about that time for our latest installment of the NTPC. I'm leaning towards: "I wish this fucking guy would stop calling me already!" (unless my name is John Daniels)

Alex Anthopoulos has acquired 38 players in total if you include that guy cash considerations we picked up on the 25th of May as a player. Roll by here and see for yourself.
  • Change the team to: Toronto Blue Jays
  • Change the transaction type to: Trade
  • Change the start date to: 10/03/2009
Have at it. The floor is yours.


  1. Someone should photoshop a superman costume on AA in that picture. LOL!

    My comment for the picture would be:

    "No way I can answer this with only 15% of my batter left"

  2. 'Hmmmm, Maybe I should get that manicure instead.'

  3. I should have an adult present for this.....