It's List Time

Right around this time last year I did up a list titled Your Toronto Blue Jays List Of Awesomeness: 2010 Edition. Unfortunately due to budget cutbacks and general laziness, I am unable to produce a similar one this year. But fear not, I was able to pull together enough resources to produce a little something for your viewing pleasure.

I now present to you our Top 15 Hottest Followers On Twitter: Avatar Edition

15: Lizzie Bowers @Lizzie18_ Behind you

Sports what more do i gotta say , #Bluejays, #crosby 3 https://www.facebook.com/lizzie.bowers?sk=info

Sample tweet: Trampoline time !

Observations: I am assuming praying that the number 18 quoted in her account name is her age. If not, it's cold shower time!

14: Ashley Hill @ashhill20 San Diego, CA/Viera, Fl

Sample tweet: protected account

Observation: If a girl doesn't look super hot on her wedding day well then.....

13: Elena Meray @Josiehwhls

Sample tweet: @ priavte hi Jon here's my nude pcitures I told you about last night. you must join for the pass word http://tinyurl.com/ybsufrr

Observations: Pretty safe bet this is a porn bot account. I don't advise you open that link unless you want your CPU to catch an STD.

12: Karen L Daniels @KarenLDaniels Toronto

Owner of Cosmopolitan Planner-Moving and Home Improvement Planner. I make custom cakes! Loyal Cancerian, always real, honest & caring.

Sample tweet: protected account

Observations: Clearly taken as the massive rock on her finger plays a prominent part of her pic. Scores extra points for mentioning the customs cakes so enthusiastically in her bio.

11: Andrea @aperezzle Vancouverish, Canada

Baseball, Blue Jays, and random whining.

Sample tweet: K I've decided to make my new years resolution for 2011. Batting cages once a week. Baseball offseason blues slightly & temporarily calmed.

Observations: Probably would have ranked a bit higher if her pic wasn't so blurry. Love the occasional Spanish tweets.

10: Julie @Jules0685

I ♥ the Toronto Blue Jays

Sample tweet: I love being touched during Savasana, take that as you will #hotyoga #yoga

Observation: 100% baller. Like big time. I don't even have one of those.

9: catherine s @catherine0626 toronto

Blue Jays. Dogs. High Heels. High Fashion. Law. Red Wine. Pearls. Sunsets. Good Grammar. Good Friends. Good Music. Good Times. Toronto.

Sample tweet: I love baseball more than 99% of the people I know. And the same amount as the remaining 1%.

Observations: She's a lawyer and therefore is way, way smarter than me. Not sure if I could keep up with her champagne tastes on my beer budget.

8: Sophia A @SofiaColombia Colombia

Just a Girl From Colombia http://bit.ly/YQTfV

Sample tweet: Jeez i should come on here like once a month of something right ?

Observations: Normally I would have selected a better sample tweet for y'all but since she's only tweeted once, that's all you get. If you click through the link in her bio you'll find a extra special little treat.

7: Virginia Alvarez @AlvarezMVC Venezuela/Valencia

Sample tweet: Everything is in Spanish.

Observation: A super glamorous chica that can't possibly communicate with me = dreamy

6: Adeline Shellhaas @Adelineixesh

Sample tweet: I love crazy sexual activity

Observation: WOW

5: Brennan Reurink @brennanr CANADA Kinesiology & Psych grad. Social butterfly & Jays fan. I'm a very lucky lady & I've got the greatest friends and family in the world.

Sample tweet: Watching some great #Jays baseball, in PJs, snacking on Cap'n Crunch cereal. #littlethings #lifeisgood

Observation: That's Brennan on the left in the picture above. I sometimes dream about her previous avatar, the one with the glass of wine and the taupe walls. Probably a little too much.

4: Jenn Siegner @Jenser12 Stratford Ontario Jays fan since the beginning!! I♥Robbie Alomar

Sample tweet: Best day ever,Jays in the afternoon and UFC at night! What more could a girl ask for??

Observation: Some guys have an issue with their significant other being tougher than they are. I certainly do not.

3: Maddy @SportyMads Sports are my life:) http://sportymads.blogspot.com/

Sample tweet: Time to head to the bar. Tonight is going to be sloppy..:)

Observation: I can envision epic fights for the remote control while chilling on the couch with this babe. In the end she always wins and that's just swell. 

2: Melissa Couto @SmokeshowMel Jays fan, Vikings fan, history Master, lover of red meat and beer, future star of The Smoke Show Sports Show. Mostly, I talk about baseball because it rocks.

Sample tweets:
  • The RedSox have made my Halloween costume choice easy. A chicken-greased jersey, a bottle of beer and an xbox controller and I'm Jon Lester.
  • Molina is taking charge with his fingers. #dirty
Observation: Her bio pretty much covers off my entire list of prerequisites with respect to a woman.

1: Jessica Nichols @realjessnichols Toronto Actor,Script Supervisor,Stunt,Stand In. Baseball/Football/Golf Fan. Muskoka/DT Toronto. Travelling South & Visiting Ball Parks. Figure Skater&Dancer

Sample tweet: for those few people I know that dont like baseball, really???

Observation: I am pretty sure there is something in this world I would rather do than go on a road trip to a baseball stadium with this goddess, it's just escaping my mind right now.


While I am on the topic of avatars, recently I made a change to mine and have received a little heat from the masses. Just to get you up to speed, I went from this:

to this:

The rational behind it was simple. I know that one day Brett Lawrie will rule all mankind and simply wanted to get ahead of the curve. Perhaps you can let me know if I am way off base on this one.


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