Projecting the 2011 Fisher Cats Opening Day Roster

Don't think 1BJW has disappeared. If you thought that, you're wrong! But I've decided to take the time to project the Double A Fisher Cats' Opening Day roster that I unfortunatley will not be seeing on April 7th, but will definitely listen on the radio. Here we go...

C Travis D'Arnaud
1B Michael McDade
2B Jonathan Diaz
3B Ryan Schimpf
SS Adeiny Hechavaria
LF Michael Crouse
CF Anthony Gose
RF Adam Loewen
DH David Cooper

C Ryan Budde
SS Luis Sanchez
OF Adam Calderona
1B Roan Salas
IF Callix Crabbe

SP Zach Stewart
SP Joel Carreno
SP Chad Jenkins
SP Reider Gonzalez
SP Randy Boone

RP Matt Daly
RP Ronald Uviedo
RP Evan Crawford
RP Vince Bongiovanni
RP Boomer Potts
RP Alan Farina

Keep in mind, this is just Opening Day as we will most likely see Deck McGuire among many others throughout the season.


  1. Several of those names strike me as guys who could earn a promotion upward by mid-season.

    It will surely be a fun year to watch this NH squad.

  2. I think they should let Cooper start in AAA. He seems like a guy who could flourish there, also seems like a guy who needs a little confidence boost. Maybe I'm just a crazy person, but I haven't given up on him yet. He has maintained some pretty good walk rates, and his K rates aren't that bad either. He had a BABIP of .266 last year.

    He just seems like a guy who hasn't adjusted to struggling very well, and I think he could get a little bit of his confidence back in the cozy confines of Cashman Field.

    Are you planning on projecting a line-up for any of the other minor league teams? I think it would make for some interesting reads.

  3. After Loewen hit really well in the fall leagues I'm hoping he makes it to AAA and beyond soon...

  4. I'm hoping to see a big leap from Chad Jenkins, this could be his make or break year with all the depth in power arms added at last years draft.

  5. Man, what a stacked line-up. Forget the Jays, I'm gonna be a Fisher Cats fan this summer!

    It kinda seems like the Jays are using AA as their proving grounds, and keep the AAA roster spots open for former-MLB players brought in on minor-league contracts. I've never really followed MiLB in the past - is this a pretty common practice, or more to do with the fact that AAA Vegas is so damn far away?

  6. I believe that Cooper will be in AAA, as the 51's currently don't have a full time 1B.

    I believe anyone on the 40 man will in all likelihood be on the 51's roster. It's easier to get someone up from the 51's than from the Fisher Cats due to flight frequencies. A healthy Sierra should be in AA or AAA, depending on where they want Loewen. I would imagine Loewen would get a crack at AAA next season. So Sierra and Carreno will probably be the only AA players on 40 man.

    I also figure that Jenkins would start in A ball and Alvarez would be in AA. I like Stewart in AA, and if anyone gets promoted, Jenkins and/or McGuire will get the call up from Dunedin. I don't think Jenkins was in high A long enough to be up in AA already.

    But, it will definitely be a fun team to watch. What's te best audio stream to hear from if you're listening in from Canada? The one they had on MLB didn't allow Canadians to listen in a bulk of the time.

  7. I judge minor league teams not by how good they are, but by how many interesting prospects they have. (Gotta develop a formula for that someday.) I'll certainly check the box score every day to check in on d'Arnaud, Hech, Gose, Stewart, Gose, and Loewen. Should be a fun year.

  8. Salas won't be in AA, he hasn't even played above short-season ball yet

  9. Very intriguing roster. To check NH scorebox will be a daily pleasure the next year!