Jays Invite 13 Minor Leaguers to Spring Training

According to report, the Jays have invited the following to Major League Spring Training:

Jonathan Diaz
Anthony Gose
Eric Thames
John Tollisano
Zach Stewart
David Cooper
A.J. Jimenez
Travis D'Arnaud
Brett Lawrie
Deck McGuire
Henderson Alvarez
Michael McDade
Chad Jenkins


  1. First chance saloon for Gose, Thames, Jimenez, Lawrie, McGuire, McDade, Alvarez and Jenkins - Last chance saloon for Diaz, Tollisano and Cooper.

    I say nine of those guys have a serious chance to be a (big) part of the Jay's future - seen lots of worse sets of invitees.

  2. Some of those names are NO surprise at all.

    Way to keep the faithful posted, Dave.

  3. Don't forget the other roster fillers!


    Just about half of them will be in Vegas to start the year if you ask me.

  4. That fifth rotation spot could be a surprise. Or the former at boy. He looks to be in much better shape at least.

  5. Favourites to land a 40 man roster spot - Zach Stewart, Brett Lawrie

    Long shots - Anthony Gose, Eric Thames, Deck McGuire, Henderson Alvarez

    All the other guys have no shot.

    Steward, Lawrie, Gose and McGuire are based on skill set, Alvarez and Thames will become Rule 5 eligible after this season, so they'll be on at some point within the next 12 months.

  6. Based on these guys I would have expected Loewen and Mastroianni too, but no big loss.

  7. @Xave, Mastroianni will be there thus he is on the 40-Man.

    @Jay Thanks Dog

    @Everyone else miss y'all but 1BJW is just begining!

  8. Too bad Laurie can't throw or catch. He had 25 errors and that was in AA ball. I'd say this is HIS last chance...

  9. Who's Laurie? Sounds like he sucks.