The Yearly Round Up

On this day exactly one year ago, I was sitting in the very same spot and googled free + blog. I did it because I had grown tired of reading other blogs and figured I must be able to do a better job. What I didn't realize or appreciate if you will, was just how much effort it requires to write something worthy of reading every couple of days. I have zero schooling in journalism and don't read that much as such, I have found it increasingly more difficult and very time consuming to string my thoughts on your Toronto Blue Jays together. Between working 10 hours a day while sitting in front of a computer, then coming home and spending a couple more hours in front of a computer I came to the conclusion that:

I spend far, far to much time sitting in front of a computer.

I have taken a little time to reflect on the year that was. Here are some of the highlights. Almost 75,000 of you or around 350 a day have taken the time to stop by and read what we have posted. That's pretty mind blowing. At our peak, we had in one day 4,959 hits on the Gose for Wallace post. Much of the thanks has to go to MLBTR for the link to the story and the other 10 or so times they picked up what we had written. Also, the weekly round up girls have been a huge success in terms of page views. Just take a second and type in cowgirl or sexy cowgirl into a google search and check the images.

Over the course of the year I had the opportunity to meet a couple other guys that blog about the Blue Jays, namely Ian from The Blue Jay Hunter, Navin from Sports and the City and Jeremy from 500 Level Fan. Great guys and great baseball fans. My kinda people.

I still remember someone telling me about Twitter and all that it has to offer. At first I was skeptical, keeping in mind I never even bothered to join Facebook. Over time, the pro's seemed to outweighed the con's. But I have come to realize that the constant stream of information and articles and pictures and videos and quotes is well, somewhat painful to stay on top of.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the shine has worn off. All of it. And as much as I was thinking about taking the next step, which would be to advertise and try to make a little coin on the side.....I don't want to cheapen the look or the experience. If over a 1,000 people read something and only 5 of them feel compelled to comment on it, how many would actually click on an add? In my opinion, not many.

As for the other 8 guys that agreed to contribute, all of them are great baseball people and true fans of the game. If any of them have anything to say about Blue Jays baseball, you will still be able to find it here. And perhaps, in time, I will get the urge to post my thoughts again. But it will no doubt be infrequent. Certainly not worth checking everyday.

That's really what this boils down to, for me. I will always remain informed and will continue to have an opinion about all things Blue Jay. But as for finding the time to transfer all that down into a post, I'll leave that for the others that do it so well.

If we do come across an interview, a video or even a sweet picture on a top prospect, then it will surely find it's way onto this site at some point. But I don't anticipate that happening for quite a while.

Anyways, thanks to all of you for reading and keep rooting for the boys in blue! It's has been and will continue to be a wild ride north of the border.


  1. Goning to miss your roundup and of course the cowgirls.
    I must say you were one of maybe 5 blogs I wet to everyday. I will miss it.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Thanks very much for your kind words. I will never stop being a fan, the only difference now is that if anyone wants my opinion on something they will have to ask for it as opposed to me offering it up.

  3. Sorry to hear the news - you guys had the market covered in minor league updates and interviews. Hopefully we get some updates every once in a while. Great work here fellas, and we'll have to catch another game next season. Hopefully when the Red Sox and Carl Crawford come to town.

  4. I ain't no quitter! Once the season comes around, BlueJays fans, be sure to check back here for updates on and interviews with your favorite prospects.

    This site will be here, folks. No doubt.

  5. I'm very sorry for it. From my country, I have only this (and very few other) blog and videos from mlb.com to follow our TBJ, and you made a great job for me and other all over the world fan.

    Thankyou very much for all the work you did, and I'll continue to check every day the blog, hoping in a new post ;-)

  6. Sad to hear you are done. Like the first commenter, this is one of just a few blogs (3) I check every day.

    Great work though.

  7. Well.....I feel a little bit douchebagish.

    Perhaps in time the Minor League scouting staff will have some prospect updates/videos/interviews/scouting reports worth sharing. Everybody loves prospect porn!

    Sorry to pull the rug out from beneath you man.

    Your comment really hit home for me. Hence the douchebag statement. I don't know what to say my long distance friend.

    I really enjoyed your comments over the year. We didn't always agree but your point of view was always well thought out and appreciated.

    In time, I could see 1BJW morph into a place where you could get hard to find info on prospects and coaches within the Blue Jay organization. Only problem is I would have absolutely nothing to add.

  8. Good. This blog was weak anyways!! Now i can stop visiting your page in an effort to distort your site meter stats. maybe if you knew hockey (like the rest of canada) you'd have something to occupy your time during the winter (thats the 9.5 months a year when its FREEZING outside)

    lol. j/k.

    As much as i know your a loser, i figured even you had more of a life than bloggin all the time.

  9. Leave it to Hot Water to say something inspirational.....

  10. I seriously hope this is just a December blues kinda thing that is happening with you. As soon as I discovered this site I've visited every day and always look forward to your take. Take your time and sit with this but I believe you are making a big mistake by walking away. Not to mention not entertaining the idea of ad revenue. Look what you've accomplished in a year. It takes time to build these things and you have the foundation in place. Keep it going and growing. Now when you're tired of laying on the ground looking up, get up and get back on...

  11. @hotwater,
    With friends like you, who needs enemies.

    @Rain Delay,
    You tell him!

    Thanks dude. Appreciate the kick in the ass.

  12. Congrats for making it through an entire year. Always loved the posts, and always appreciated the times you linked to my stories.
    Hopefully we'll still find our way to a game next season. Maybe we'll even try to drink more than last time!!!
    Thanks for the posts. You'll be missed.

  13. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great holiday and a happy new year. I really hope to be reading a post of yours in the early days of 2011. Until then, all the best...

  14. @500,
    I'm totally down for a game or ten next year. Perhaps we can get our pregame festivities on a little bit more and minimize the $10 beer consumption. Or not. Whatever. Thanks for your kind words sir.

    Merry Christmas to you my internet friend! Truthfully I think I kinda lost sight of why I started writing about the Blue Jays. If/when I do make a return I want to be sure that my mind is in the right place.

    Thanks guys.