Confession of an addict


Your Toronto Blue Jays acquired Brett Lawrie on Monday and I have a ball signed by him delivered to me by Thursday.


I clearly have more money than brains when it comes to this shit.


  1. As far as bad habits go I think you've choosen wisely. I applaud your passion. I really hope that ball is worth something some day if you see what I'm getting at...

  2. Just curious - is that his right ball or his left?

  3. You guys continue to amaze me - the week Lawrie comes to the Jays and you already have an autographed ball with his name on it. Priceless!

  4. @Mattt,
    It's kinda funny man but I don't really care what it is or will be worth. Not why I collect them.

    Whichever one that had China tattooed on it.

    It really has become an addiction. I think I just got my hands on a Brandon Morrow signed ball tonight as well and something else I think you would appreciate....

  5. I want that ball to be worth something for my own selfish reasons. Because The Player turns into a superstar and plays his career in Toronto...

  6. That's a great ball. Must have gotten it from a great organization.