Make me a sandwich. Bitch

All Star John Buck signed a monster deal with the Marlins almost two weeks ago.

The news on Kevin Gregg came in with a full day to spare before the midnight deadline for free agents to accept or decline the offer of salary arbitration.

It was reported that Scott Downs no doubt easily made his decision early on today. He will have zero problem getting a multi year deal for somebody. 

Jason Frasor tipped his hand around dinner time and ultimately choose to stay with us for one more year provided he isn't traded. I got him for a buck in my AL only keeper league and am secretly hoping he is our next closer.

And what about Miguel Olivo? You know the guy who was officially a Blue Jay for an hour and a half? Well it went right down to the wire but he decided against accepting the offer.


We just scored 4 sandwich picks between the first and second rounds of the really deep 2011 Amateur Draft as long as Downs, Gregg and Olivo sign a Major League contract with another team.


  1. We could potentially score 6 picks in the first round plus the sandwich round. I'll take it!

    AA might dominate the draft two years in a row, although surprisingly, I think this one will be better than '10.

  2. Not a bad haul at all. Hopefully Frasor gives us full value on a pretty decent bullpen wage in '11.

  3. I could still see Frasor getting traded a-la Soriano last year. A well seasoned prospect would be almost as good as a draft pick...

  4. That sandwich makes me hungry

  5. Heyo!

    I have been busy doing all the stuff I put off all summer (due to baseball) around the house. As such, my participation around here has been diminished.

    We will have a bunch of picks in the high rounds again, which is nice. As for where they are in the 2011 draft, we are just gonna have to wait and see where some free agents sign.

    Frasor is a decent guy to have on board due to the loss of some key high leverage guys from the pen. I'm not all that disappointed he will be back in Blue Jay blue for 2011.

    @The 5th Starter,
    I agree that he will be available but I think that teams will stay away until his salary is determined. Considering how little experience we have in the pen, right now, I think he sticks around. Maybe we try to move him at the deadline again.

    4 picks between the first and second rounds of a deep draft makes me VERY hungry.

    Thanks for stopping by y'all.