8 Sentences on Rajai Davis

How long has it been since we have had the pleasure of watching a true speedster play here in Toronto?  

Some people were talking about the possibility of him stealing 80 bases in 2010.

As predicted, it didn't happen. 

But he did manage to swipe an even 50 while only being caught 11times. 

Which pumped up his big league career stolen base success rate to 79%. 

That's elite level stuff!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, speed does translate into spectacular defense when applied correctly.


  1. Seriously, if he's wearing 11 like he did last year and not 38, he might steal 60 bases...If he wears 38 he will still 40 bases. It's just the way it works.

  2. I think the Davis move is being over hyped. Like Keith Law said, I see him as a 4th type OF'er, although playing more than most 4th OF'ers.

  3. I'm with Argos!, there's more to this off season and I'll be shocked if he's a starting fielder in April.

  4. @SPAN,
    I'll keep my eye on that.....

    I agree. This time of year when we are all starving for baseball news, everything is overhyped.
    I just decided to focus on our new guy's best tool. As for where he plays/hits, it's far to early to tell. He does give us a little flexibility with respect to the roster and possible future additions.

    I wouldn't be shocked if he is in the lineup on opening day. He hits LHP well and we open the year with Minny. Gotta assume that Liriano will be on the hill for them.....

    Thanks for stopping by guys.

  5. The team stole 58 bases in 2010 and he stole 50 himself. We had no speed and now we have speed. This is good!

  6. I've never understood the logic that a team needs speed. This move brings back memories of Otis Nixon. The team needs good ball players, regardless of what tool they excel at.

  7. @Anon,
    What's that old saying again? Speed never goes into a slump.....

    @Peter D,
    The thing is I believe we did just get better.
    Davis is an upgrade as a 4th OF, if that is what he turns out to be. He can play CF, which is huge, and dabbles in the corner spots. Coming off the bench as a pinch runner to either a) steal a bag and get into scoring position or b) carry the mail from second base and score on a single is a weapon every coach would love to have in a tight ballgame.
    If this is all he ends up primarily doing for us then I'm fine with that. Throw in the occasional start against a LHP and/or pinch hitting appearance against a LOGGY.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is he can contribute to our success with his primary skill if used correctly.
    As for the comparison to Otis Nixon well I don't know. Otis was acquired to start in CF and lead off as a 37 year old in the twilight of his career. A slap hitter with a career .314 slugging percentage.
    Rajai is 30 and I don't think we can really say what type of hitter he is or will be just yet. But Otis Nixon he is not.

    Thanks for your comments guys. Always appreciated!