Thank You, Sir

So about half way through the touching video to Cito on the JumboTron, I realize that I got the autographs of quite a few of the celebrities giving the personal tributes. A quick shout out and between the guys here at 1BlueJaysWay we were able to come up with 12 of the 19 signatures. 

That's well over .500! A somewhat arbitrary goal, that we did not have when the process began.....

Here is the list, in the order they presented:
  1. Vernon Wells
  2. Duane Ward 
  3. Jose Bautista
  4. Tony Fernandez
  5. Pat Hentgen
  6. Paul Beeston
  7. Tony again
  8. Bautista again
  9. John Buck can you really blame us?
  10. Jesse Barfield
  11. Robbie Alomar
  12. Beeston again
  13. Robbie again
  14. Alex Anthopoulos
  15. Vernon again
  16. Buck again
  17. Beeston again
  18. AA again
  19. Nick Leyva seriously, who has got this guy to sign?
  20. Robbie again
  21. AA again
  22. Leyva again
  23. Hank Aaron
  24. Tony again
  25. Paul Molitor
  26. Dave Winfield shocked at this one!
  27. Jack Morris
  28. Dusty Baker why would we have his autograph?
  29. Bautista again
  30. Bud fucking Selig I'm actually proud that we don't have this one covered
  31. Gord Ash not all that surprised on this one
  32. Bobby Cox we are not quite that old
  33. Robbie again
Observe in all it's glory:

 Vernon Wells 
 Duane Ward
 Jose Bautista
 Tony Fernandez
Pat Hentgen
 Paul Beeston
 Jesse Barfield
Robbie Alomar
Alex Anthopoulos
Hank Aaron
Paul Molitor
Jack Morris

If you noticed that one thing here does not look like all the others, solid job. It's a pretty random story.


Anybody else wondering why this guy didn't join in on the fun?

Pat Gillick


  1. I have Nick Leyva's autograph.

    It was 1989. I was a young boy. He managed the Phillies. I told him that I liked a bench clearing brawl I had seen that week, that involved his team. He didn't care.

    The end.

  2. Man, you guys have quite the collection. It's like the second coming of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame or something.

    I think the Alomar one is my favourite, not just because it's Robbie but because it's on a neon green softball. I love that story too, BTW.

  3. @Jay,
    Fuck man I didn't even think to ask. Send it over and I'll update this sucker.

    Most people make fun of me when they see my balls.

    That was maybe the most awesome thing ever, meeting Robbie like that.