Yet Another Reason NOT To Head Down To The Ballpark

Because this may happen to you.....

And you thought going bat shit crazy in an international airport was not grounds to be zapped, check this shit out!  Make sure to read the comments section.

Courtesy of The Globe and Mail:

The Philadelphia Phillies are looking into further use of Taser guns after a police officer shocked a teenage fan who ran onto the field Monday night.

The fan hopped a fence and scurried around the outfield, eluding two security officers late in the game against the St. Louis Cardinals. One officer used a Taser and the fan went down in a heap.

The Phillies say the police department is investigating the matter and discussing with the team whether it's appropriate use of force under similar circumstances.

The teams says it's the first time a Taser has been used by police to apprehend a spectator who ran onto the field.

The Phillies say the fan was 17-year-old male and he will be charged with criminal trespass and related offences. They did not release his name because he is a juvenile.


  1. If you thought some cops were power tripping lazy shits before, this pretty much confirms it. No offence to the police who do their jobs and risk their lives so that our world can be safe, but I'm not sure a fan running on the field justifies the use of potentially deadly force. Was anyone in danger here? That's the only excuse to pulling out a gun or tazer-which is still a gun.

  2. If you go to the ballpark and you go onto the field during the game, that SHOULD happen to you!

  3. Bottom line: the force used did not match the threat. That cop is in deep shit.

  4. Hunter,

    The price tag for stupidity just went UP.....

  5. What happened to the good old days when people would run onto the field topless (but still wearing a bra) and carrying their oversized purse?

  6. Still can't believe this happened. Apparently the cop was justified. Wow. Just wow.