Game 24 Recap: Timely Hitting, Quality Pitching = Blow Out

Your Toronto Blue Jays put up a bunch of crooked numbers on the boxscore.  A 10 - 2 thumping tends to include that.  Looks like the team has done some sort of voodoo ritual on the bats.  Thank God.  Hopefully we can keep it going.  We were 3 for 7 with runners in scoring position and had 6 two out RBI.

Everybody except Fred Lewis and Jose Bautista got in on the fun.  A quick look at some of the individual hitting performances:

Alex Gonzalez went 2 for 3 with 2 homers and 4 RBI.  The first one was a three run job to get us on the board in the second inning.  The other one he hit in the sixth was a frozen rope to the pull field.  He got his average up to .289 for the season.  Impressive display from the all glove shortstop.

Vernon Wells went 3 for 4 with a homer his 200th for the career.  It took him nearly 5,000 at bats to reach the milestone.  Congrats is in order.  Oh, and one more thing: #SorryVernon.

Aaron Hill was 1 for 4 with a walk and 2 RBI.  He seems to still be a little banged up from his hamstring injury.  Playing on the turf can not be helping. 

Travis Snider was 1 for 3 with a walk.  His plate appearances are getting a little easier to watch.  Still swinging for the fences but at least now he seems to be grasping the concept of working towards a hitters count.

John Buck continued his hot streak with a 2 for 3 night.  He managed to get his average up to .215 for the year, which is 60 points higher than it was on Thursday.

The pitching side of the house did a fantastic job tonight as well.  Brandon Morrow seems to have found his groove and won his second game of the year.  Just keeping pounding that zone down early in the counts, then climb the ladder with the hard stuff Brandon and everything will be ok.  I promise.

Tonight his line was 6 IP, 7 Hits, 2 ER, 2 BB, 9 K on 109 pitches.  73 of those were strikes.  Nice outing.

Jason Frasor came in and tried the pitching thing again.  First pitch he threw almost took his head off on the comebacker.  To his credit, he settled down and striking out two batters in his inning of work.  Mr. Umpire missed the call on the back end of a double play or else he would have faced the minimum.

Looking Forward:

We got Dana Eveland taking the ball for us against Gio Gonzalez for the 1:07 start.  Eveland is coming off a bad start against Boston where he gave up 7 earned runs in just three innings pitched.  I wonder if he has another bad one or two, will he be a candidate to move to the pen?  He is out of options and would need to be exposed to waivers if the brain trust tries to send him down.  Wolverine is scheduled to begin his "rehab assignment" soon and will do so as a starter.  His return is said to be sometime in May.


Speaking of waivers, much to my surprise Merkin Valdez passed through them unclaimed on Thursday!  He will join the 51s in Vegas after being outrighted to the minors.  Bonus.


  1. Love to see the #SorryVernon tag. Look forward to seeing it used more often.

  2. Leaf,

    I have been meaning to ask you my friend: what is the story behind the playoffs!!!!1 thing you got going on?

  3. Nice summary. Fun game to watch. More of that please...

  4. Mattt,

    Thanks again for commenting.

    That was a good game. It was nice to see the bats going and I especially enjoyed seeing Frasor get so low pressure work in. Hasn't been a lot of that to go around in 2010.

    What do you think about the Tallet situation?

  5. I think the same thing we all are thinking-put him back in the bullpen and develop one of the future guys. There are so many that you could argue should be here, why have a passable at best as a starter(maybe that's a little harsh), middle reliever who is very unlikely part of the future blocking someones development.

    Having said that, AA has so far made all the right moves, so who am I to question?

  6. You are a fan. Your opinion matters remember.....especially to us!
    I agree with everything you said. Tallet should be in the bullpen for this or any other team in MLB.
    However, we are going to try to sell him as a starter to other interested teams, so he will return to the rotation when ready. Not what I would do if I was in charge but I understand why it will happen.