Game 7: Win Or Lose, We Hit The Booze

Details remain sketchy but one thing is for certain, a good time was had by all at the home opener. 

I did not get to see the finish due to the fact someone in my party got unnecessarily tossed for beating up an old man.  I blame the Lance Broadway AKA Team Enforcer jersey he was wearing for the first time.....

You had to know we were heading in that general direction when Nemesis tweeted this.

What I do remember is John Buck hitting a huge dinger and Rios got booed everytime he did anything.

There was also a Randy Ruiz sighting but at that point I was looooooooooooooong gone. 

Check the boxscore for all the details: click here

Of note: I was not able to pick up any hotties even after offering them free mustache rides.....


  1. I was in 113-D ... I saw a couple of people get tossed out, maybe that was you!

  2. Hunter,

    Could have been.....I think we left around the eight or so.

    What are you gonna do? Plenty more games in my future this season.