Game 17 Recap: I Have No Fingernails Left

Nice shades Gustavo Jr.

This will be brief.  My fingers hurt and it's making it tough to type.....

The Good:

Brett Cecil pitched a great game for us against a very tough opponent.

His line:

6 and two thirds innings, 6 hits, 4 ER, 1 BB, 8 K and he got the win.

But he got left out there for one inning to long and he got tagged.  I understand why The Cito ran him back out there (low pitch count, hitting his spots, etc) but why the fuck was no one ready in the pen?   

Jose Bautista had a great game with both the stick and the glove.  He saved a big run in the bottom of the sixth on a nice play to his left.  He did not get an out on the play but was able to keep the ball of the infield.  With the bat he went 3 for 5 with 3 doubles.  He looks a little better suited to hit down in the order.

Actually having a lead off guy.  Fred Lewis is music to my eyes.....It's been too long since we had a guy that puts pressure on the defense with his legs.  He ended up 2 for 4 with a double and a walk.  He was able to get some great jumps off Garza and should steal us quite a few bags.

Aaron Hill looked a little lost for the first few at bats.  But he managed to get his timing together enough to launch a dinger to left.  He also walked.

The Bad:

Jason Frasor.

The Ugly:

Jason Frasor.

The Bottom Line:

We win a game that was way to close considering the effort we got from our starter.  We were up 5 - 0 and 6 - 1.  Final score ending up being 6 - 5 Good Guys.

Tomorrow we got Ricky and his 1.57 ERA on the hill for a 6:10pm start.  Your Toronto Blue Jays will be looking for their 11th win of the year.


  1. Gustavo Jr....... not bad.
    -Jimmy Triggz

  2. Fred Lewis has been a really nice surprise. I had pretty low expectations and obviously he has very much exceeded those. Speed is a definite plus. I honestly had forgotten it was even an option.

  3. Jimmy,
    It was late and I was tired.....it was the best I could come up with.

    Love the comments bro!
    I didn't know what to think about Lewis, all the major outlets said it was a positive move. He must have worn out his welcome in San Fran.....
    In his short time here, I see an average OF with great speed. His routes on the flyballs are solid, he has closing speed to burn and his arm seems seviceable.
    It is very early, but I love the speed at the top. He is disruptive on the basepaths.....you see him take off on that passed ball last night?
    Your comment about forgetting what speed looks like is so true.
    The one thing I wonder about is Hill in the 2 spot.....he is an aggressive hitter, which is fine, but he will need to take some pitches in order for Freddy to get his steals. That may take away a few good pitches for him to hit. Also, if Lewis does steal, then does the other team just pitch around Hill? Kinda counter productive taking the bat out of one of your best hitters hands.
    I am not sure if we have anyone who fits the mould of a true 2 hitter currently on the roster. But Boy Wonder said he thinks the Cuban will eventually hit there, so help is coming!

  4. Let's hope our future shortstop makes his way through the lower levels quickly-and his bat is at least above average for the position.

  5. Mattt,
    We here at 1bluejaysway were seriously hoping for a Lansing Low A start for the Cuban. We have a guy that writes for us that is closely involved with the Lugnuts (as you can probably tell) but alas, he appears destined to skip that level.
    I am SO excited to see him play! Cubans play the game a different way, with so much passion. It's infectious and truly makes everyone want to play harder.
    What do you think about our picks for a nickname?