Game 17 Line Ups: Hill Is Back!

Aaron is back in his familiar spot in the order.  I am a little surprised to see Gonzo moved down and would have though he might hit lead off.  It would be nice to get some production from the bottom of the order and I'm guessing The Cito had that in mind when he made up the line up card.

Lewis LF
Hill 2B
Lind DH
Wells CF
Overbay 1B
Gonzalez SS
Bautista 3B
Buck C
Snider RF

Brett Cecil makes his 2010 debut.  I can't wait to see Cecil take the ball every five days.  Hope he can get rolling a little bit and pitch with some confidence.

Bartlett SS
Crawford LF
Zobrist 2B
Longoria 3B
Pena 1B
Upton CF
Aybar DH
Navarro C
Kapler RF 

Matt Garza is on fire: 3 - 0, 0.75 ERA and has pitched 8 innings in every start.  He is due for a stinker!

Go Jays! 

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