Game 1 - All Swedish, No Finnish

Hey kids, its the Rain Delay, and after a couple of hours of "me time" away from any baseball news at all, I bring you the 1BlueJaysWay recap of game one. I watched this game, in my living room and was thinking about how this team may just surprise everyone and make the Playoffs!!! But we just couldn't close the deal. It's gonna be a quick one, because I missed the first episode of 24, i had no idea it was a 2 episode night, and I'm catching the time shifted episode. The Good: Shawn Marcum. How good was North of Steeles today?? He carried a no hitter into the seventh inning and pitched his 88mph fastball wheeling ass off today. He walked 1 (one) struck out 6 and allowed 3 runs on 2 hits, he kept the Rangers off balance all day long. The change was working and was getting ahead of guys in the count which is clutch for a control guy. Adam Lind. The DH, had 3 hits, two that were rockets including the big fly in the 3rd inning, and a big two out single in the first to keep the inning alive, and he was also intentionally walked in the 8th. Vernon Wells. Yes, that Vernon Wells, I can't believe I'm typing this either!!?! But, V-Dub was solid in this one picking up 3 hits in 4 at-bats and knocking in 3 runs, including a big 2 run bomb in the first inning to get 2010 off right. The Bad: Travis Snider. I own an alternate Blue Jays Snider #45 jersey, I pulled it over my head as if I was gonna jersey myself when he looked absolutely over-matched in every at bat. I pray to God/Jesus/Allah/Jewish God/Superman/Tom Cruise that he finds what ever it is he needs to be productive. Strike outs I get, big swingers do that. But he just looked bad. Jason Fraser. Not because he blew the save, because when all is said and done, that Texas Lineup will get a lot of pitchers into a lot of situations. It was just that he left a couple of pitches up in the strike zone to proven hitters like Young and Cruz, and intentionally walked the walking strikeout Chris Davis. Cito Fucking Gaston. Now, I dislike Cito, I don't have the downright hate that is displayed by Golden Arm, but I do believe this fossil has done his job and should fade away like a fart in the wind. Now every one will get on me about this, because I know its the "stats" thing to do, but how to you walk Chris Davis intentionally in the 9th??? This dude strikes out at an eye-popping clip. He swung and missed 150 times last year. In a spot where you need a strike out, and you have you're closer in, why not pitch to this K machine??? Instead you walk Davis, and pitch to Salthamatchcksoeiueia or whatever the fuck his name is, load the bases bringing the infield in, and a hard ground ball ends the game. If you pitch to Davis and he strikes out, you have two down and the infield is at standard depth. I know its the "stats" thing to do, but don't good managers sometimes play with their gut? I don't get it. Let the speculation begin. The closer situation is now, maybe, foggy. As today Jason Frasor did his best Kevin Gregg impression. When the smoke clears and all is said and done I must say is this was an entertaining ball game. It was actually fun to watch, until the 9th. This team looks like that scrappy boxer who's reach is about 2 feet shorter than his opponent yet still goes up looking for the knock out punch. Remember, the Yanks lost to the fucking Red Sucks in the late innings as well. Now imagine what we can do if we had a manager who could manage these guys?

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