Attention Everyone: It's Only Spring Training

Things not worth giving a shit about:
  • Any of the stats you will find if you click here 
  •  Or this:
Tampa Bay 5 1 .833 -
Toronto 5 1 .833 -
NY Mets 6 2 .750 -
Atlanta 5 2 .714 0.5
Boston 4 2 .667 1.0
Florida 4 2 .667 1.0
Detroit 3 3 .500 2.0
Minnesota 3 3 .500 2.0
NY Yankees 3 4 .429 2.5
Houston 2 3 .400 2.5
Pittsburgh 2 4 .333 3.0
Philadelphia 1 3 .250 3.0
St. Louis 1 4 .200 3.5
Baltimore 1 5 .167 4.0
Washington 0 6 .000 5.0

Things worth giving a shit about:
  • Dustin McGowan has not appeared in a game yet.  He will pitch a two inning simulated game today at 10:00am.
  • Brett Cecil has not appeared in a game yet either.  He is scheduled to pitch two innings in a "B" game on Wednesday.  
If either of these guys has a setback, they will not be ready to go north with the team as a starter.

"Getting built up to the 100-pitch mark is difficult to do without six starts." said A's manager Bob Geren.
  • E5 has not appeared in a game yet. 
“When I hit the ball off the end of the bat is when I feel the pain”

Hitters take considerable less time to get ready.  They really only need about two full weeks of at bats.  But you have to wonder if our third baseman is going to be able to play defense everyday with a surgically repaired wrist.   
  • Mike McCoy will get a look in the outfield.  
"Everybody's got a chance," Gaston said. "He's certainly got Reed out there against him. Reed's got a chance to play. Mike McCoy has a chance to play the outfield, too, and play the infield. So, just go out and play well. Everybody's going to get a chance at it."
  • Travis Snider is working on a new trigger at the plate.  
He has lowered his hands in his stance and struck out 6 times in 13 at bats.

"Simplifies the load," Snider explained.

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