The Human Rain Delay's 25 Man Roster

In 2010, the Jays embark on the long road back to respectability, but Boy Wonder has the team moving in the right direction. It's going to be a year without the good Doctor which makes me cringe and the possibility of a very long season. In entering the 25 man roster challenge, I struggled with the idea of the roster as I THINK it may be. Or the roster that I WANT it to be. I don't think it's a secret that I cannot fucking stand Lyle Overbay, but of course he's my starting first baseman. In the "want" 25 man roster Randy Ruiz is the first baseman, but on the "think" roster, he's on the bench. Being the graphic guy of 1 Blue Jays Way, I of course will be providing the roster and lineup in a more unique way. I managed to get a crown on Bastian and plastered AA's head onto Robin so I think I can design a line up card. The majority of the roster is pretty much set, it's the last bullpen and rotation spot and perhaps the last bench spot that remains a challenge to predict.

So my 25 man is pretty straight forward. You've got an outfield of Snider in LF, Wells in CF and Bautista in RF. The left side of the infield is E5 at 3B and Alex Gonzalez as the starting SS, with Aaron Hill at 2B and Lyle Fucking Overbay at 1B. The catcher is John Buck and Adam Lind as the DH. The bench is also pretty straight forward, with Johnny Mac being the super utility guy who also has no bat. Randy Ruiz adds pop and the occasional day off for Overbay. Jose Molina makes the team as the backup catcher, and Joey Gathright makes the team as the non roster invite to add some experience in the OF as well as some much needed speed of the bench for the Cito to misuse.

The pitching staff is a little less secure. I struggled with this one because of the sheer amount of pitchers we have in camp. I think that we have 2-3 legitimate #2 starters but no clear #1. On the hill opening day with be Ricky Romero, followed by Shaun Marcum, Brandon Morrow, Dana Eveland and Brett Cecil. In the bullpen I think we'll employ 4 righties and 3 lefties. The closer will be Kevin Gregg, the right handed set up man will be Jason Frasor and the left handed set up man will be Scott Downs. Lefties Brian Tallet and Jesse Carlson and righties Shawn Camp and Jeremy Accardo round out the bullpen. Now what about the batting order? Being the graphic guy I of course had to do something different. So I created the opening day lineup card:

So there it is, the Human Rain Delay's entry into the 1 Blue Jays Way 25 Man Roster Challenge. Again, this is the roster that I THINK will be heading north. I believe that Richmond, Hayhurst and McGowan start the year on the DL. And I believe that they keep most of the young pitching talent they have in the minors. Perhaps Boy Wonder is looking to trade some of the young arms in the system for other pieces like a stud outfielder or perhaps a young franchise shortstop.

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