The View From The Last Row 500's

 I had hoped to have been to Florida and back before I had to send my 25 Man Roster predictions, but Golden Arm insists that that would be a unfair scouting advantage and wants this shit up NOW. So here it is. Completely devoid of statistical research, insight from Blue Jays sources and fellow bloggers. I'll be honest with you. This is what I'll like to call, "The Safe Bet" opening day roster prediction.

Starting Rotation: Romero Marcum Morrow Cecil McGowan
Bullpen: Frasor Gregg Downs Tallet Camp Accardo Roenicke
Starting 9: Bautista RF Hill 2B Lind DH Wells CF Overbay 1B Encarnacion 3B Buck C Snider LF Gonzalez  SS
Bench: MacDonald IF Ruiz IF/DH Chavez C Molina C Gathright OF

There is folks. It's not pretty, it's not risky, hell, it's hardly even what I really want. But take solace in this Blue Jays fans. There's a shitload of young guns, especially pitchers, ready to pounce on under performing veterans and take their roster spot. I suspect that Boy Wonder will be all too accommodating to give the young guys their chances. Injuries will help out I'm sure. That's my view.....


  1. No way that McGowan makes the opening day roster. He's coming back from the most terrifying surgery for a pitcher, a torn labrum surgery, and nobody ever comes back that quickly from it (and it's been almost two years). If he's healthy enough to pitch, he still won't be good enough to crack the roster.

  2. Thanks for your comments Stu,
    I am in agreement with you. I think he starts the year on the 15 day DL regardless. I threw out the idea of him going to the bullpen for mop up duty. Do you think he should get a chance to close long term?