On This Day

Your Toronto Blue Jays signed free agent Kevin (Complete Waste Of A 25 Man Roster Spot) Millar to a minor-league contract with an invite to spring training.  Here are his contract details courtesy of Cot's Baseball Contracts:
  • 1 year/$0.85M (2009)

    • performance bonuses: $50,000 each for 200, 250, 300 PAs
    • contract purchased by Toronto 4/5/09
Millar produced a .223 average, slugged 7 HR and plated 29 RBI.  He managed to weasel 251 at bats out of The Cito, which was good for a cool $100,000 extra in bonuses.  And he didn't even have to spend a nickle of that salary on union dues because he is a scab.

Thank fuck we didn't even attempt to re-sign this guy.  The Cito had him bat clean up in 11 games and he (s)hit .186/.255/.395 in the role with 2 home runs.  Seeing him "preform" on a daily basis made me angry.  This year he is the Cubs problem as he signed a minor league deal with them earlier this month.  Good riddance.    


  1. You, sir, are a shoe-in for hater of the year.

  2. A fellow catcher? Thanks for stopping by.
    Actually our boy Silky Johnson wins that one every year...sometimes he appears suddenly in a post and then is not heard from again for a while.
    But can you really say anything good about Millar?

  3. He, uh... has a sweet goatee? That's about all I can think of...

  4. And he hits lefties...well, em maybe not. .250 vs. LHP is better than the shitbomb .191 vs. RHP. I hope he plays some 3 bag for the Cubs. Man are the fans ever going to make his life difficult.