Late Breaking News:

Your Toronto Blue Jays resigned Howie Clark on February 3rd to a minor league contract.  He is on his third tour of duty with the club and still trails Tony Fernandez for the team lead by one.

Don't really have a good excuse why this one got by me, I guess I'll go with some Russian guy named Evgeni Nabokov was in net at the time ;)

I bought this game worn batting helmet about three months before the Mitchell Report came out.  On page 228 you can find this:

According to Radomski, Clark was introduced to him by Larry Bigbie. Radomski said that Clark called him several times before buying anything. Radomski recalled that Clark had done his own research about human growth hormone and had decided to use it. Radomski said that he made four or five sales of human growth hormone to Clark and that Clark paid him by money order or check.

I have not talked about the fact that most of my hero's are cheaters partially because it shames me to do so.  This batting helmet and the Mark McGwire plate commemorating his 70 home run season my Dad gave me are constant reminds of that fact.  Check out this site for a time line on professional baseball's dirty little secret. (single tear rolling down cheek)

Friendly Piece Of Advice:

If you ever see me wearing this helmet to a game at the Dome, it's best you and your party turn and run.  I only wear it when it's going to get extra messy.....see you on Opening Day!


  1. I will always remember Howie Clarke for two reasons:

    1.) The Mitchell Report

    2.) He was the third baseman who was fielding that game where A-Rod ran past him and yelled "Mine!"

  2. Sorry, my mistake - you're right, he said "Ha". What a DICK MOVE by A-Rod. I will never forget that game ...

  3. That was a dick move no doubt. BUT there are so many dick moves in the game of baseball that happen every inning. A-ROD just happens to have all the cameras on him all the time.

  4. Nice piece. You should donate it to the Hall of Fame.
    Johnny Mac should have bitched slapped A-Rod that day. Looked like he wanted to, but was to short and therefore couldn't reach!