Who is running the "Official" Jays Shop??

I know this is a Jays Blog site and while this post isn't about the product on the field it is about another kind of product.

I decided to pop over to the Jays shop today and see what kind of exciting gear was available for a Jays fan like myself.

First thing that catches my eye, game worn/used Jerseys and Bats...well, that's pretty f'in cool I say, let's dig in and see what we can get and I quickly click away. Well then boy oh boy does the shock really set in. You get your grid of products and what's the first thing that catches my eye! Well hold on to your hats and get your credit cards ready Jays fans! You to have a chance to buy and own a "Game Used Russ Adams Bat"!?!? Well wtf! I had to go look good ol' Russ up to see if he was still in the majors. He was, but not for us. Here's a kid that played a whopping 286 games for us in 6 years and I can buy his bat, for a $100 bucks no less. So I take a deep breathe and I calm down a bit, little did I know the rage that was coming. I move on, I continue to look around, it's gotta get better then a Russ Adams bat, right? An "official" Matt Stairs Locker Room Plate for a $150, no thanks. 

A Curtis Thigpen Locker Room Plate, another one of the infamous "Catcher Of The Future" guys. Seems like we've had this catcher of the future for a long time, like before Carlos got here long time. They never seem to materialize, but that's another story for another time. Let's continue browsing this mighty Jays store and see if there's anything for a current fan. We can't just have old Jays stuff on here, can we? Ryan Roberts, hmmm nope, Fransico Rosario, nope, Sergio Santos, nope. Tomo Ohka, Oh god nope. Josh freakin Towers, didn't fans drive this guy out of town for the team? Royce Clayton, Troy Glaus, Orlando Hudson, BJ Ryan, Bengie Molina, Reed Johnson. Hmmm, for those keep tracking at home, that's a nope, nope, nope, nope and yet another nope. I can't even remember some of these guys playing for us, why would I want their game worn Jersey? I understand that they must have piles of these things laying around. But holy hell, take them off the site, it's almost embarassing. When was the last time we sold a Russ Adams game used bat? Like, seriously. I'm guessing you're wondering, well can I get any current Jays Game Worn Jerseys? You can indeed, let's look at this list. Lyle Overbay, should be traded by Spring Training and Vernon Wells whom we wanted traded last spring training. Then we've got Jose Bautista, Shawn Camp, Brandon League, Jason Frasor, Scott Downs and McGowan. But I'm guessing guys could walk into a restaurant in Toronto and most people wouldn't know who they are. So I'm guessing real hot sellers. That being said, by the time spring rolls around we might not know a lot of players on these Toronto Blue Jays. So now I'm pissed and I'm moving on to another section to see what else I can get.

Back To Back World Series Celebration Gear, hmmmm, this sounds interesting. Let's take a look at some clothes from when the Jays were competitive. Tacky shit mostly, back to back plastic or rubber keychain, really? Oh, what's this...T-Shirts that kinda look like Jerseys, popular item...who do they have, Winfield, Molitor and Cito, woah, wait. Cito? We can't even put his last name on the back? Almost as good as when the Washington Nationals played in their Natinals Jerseys. Geez.

Needless to say, in pure frustration I closed my browser. I don't know who is running this Jays shop, but come on! Everytime a Jays rep opens their mouths they're selling the future, how bout selling it in the Jays shop? Try selling me a game worn Jersey of one of these kids whose back we're throwing this team on?

And another thing while I'm totally ranting, isn't this supposed to be Canada's team? Then why in the hell do I have to browse through 9 pages of Camo Jays Hats to get to the special Canada Day Jays Hat? I know not everyone likes the Canada Day Hat, but it shouldn't be on page 9. To quote the great Peter Griffin, "That Really Grinds My Gears"

Happy Shopping Jays Fans

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  1. During the final homestand of the year, our beloved Blue Jays usually run a "garage sale". Great place to pick up this type of shit on the cheap.