Where to begin.....
Because this is my first post, I want to nail it.  Here you will find a place to discuss your Toronto Blue Jays.  I do not feel the need to boast about my knowledge/love of the team or the game of baseball.  As time passes, you can judge for yourself whether or not I'm full of shit.  I created this forum with the intention of providing passionate opinions about our team.  I welcome all of you to do the same.

So for starters, we are rebuilding again.  I look at our 40 man roster and fear slowly enters my mind.  Granted we still have a long way to go before pitchers and catchers report but minus the Doctor and I'm not sure how we can win more than 70 games in 2010.  Does that mean I'm going to jump ship and join the bitches that say "I'm a Phillies fan now that he left".  Fuck no.  I have June 25th, 26th and 27th circled just like you do.  HOWEVER it is a 162 game schedule, every year.  We didn't finish anywhere near a playoff spot with the Doc in town and I don't see that changing now that he's gone.  If you are jumping off the bandwagon already then I simply have this to say to you: Get the fuck off my site.  You casual fan.  It's minus 7 outside right now (without the wind chill) and all I wanna do is talk ball.  

First question: Who toes the rubber on opening day?  Thoughts?  Ya, I'm scared already too......


  1. My money's on North of Steeles. Otherwise, I guess Ricky.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Wolverine!

    I'm hoping that whoever it is, he is not currently on our roster.

  3. It's more then scary when Frasor was tied for 4th with 7 wins.