Jesse Does Lansing

Photo courtesy of Nathan Denette/Canadian Press 

Bottom 1st:
  • Struck out the lead off man swinging on an offspeed pitch
  • Got the second hitter to ground out to the SS
  • Induced another ground ball, this time to the 2nd baseman
Top 2nd:

Our boy Jesse gives 1 Blue Jays Way a shout out on air. Solid.

Bottom 2nd:
  • Struck out the clean up hitter looking on 3 pitches
  • Got the next guy swinging on another offspeed pitch. Just missed outside on a 0-2 count with a 90MPH heater
  • The third hitter of the inning worked it to a full count and singled just past the 3rd baseman
  • Next guy hits a tapper to the 1st baseman for the 3 unassisted
Top 3rd:

The Lugnuts pound out a bunch of hits and score 3 runs in a very long half inning. Might be the reason why this happened.....

Bottom 3rd:
  • Lead off walk. Somewhere April loses her shit
  • Comebacker is smoked at Jesse and he shows off his cat like reflexes. Then proceeds to launch a tailor made double play ball into center field. It was ruled a fielder's choice and an E1
  • Speedster Billy Hamilton squares up a fastball and lines a triple into the right field corner
  • Jesse uncorks a wild pitch which brings in Billy from third and then gives up a single just for good measure
Final Line:

2IP + 4 batters, 3 hits, 3 runs, 2 earned runs, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, 1 wild pitch, 1 error

Bonus Coverage:

Here's our boy Jesse chatting it up with Jesse yesterday. Check it.

Easy on the cliches there tiger. Kinda makes you appreciate the interviews we get from the true prospects/guys who never had a microphone stuck in their face.


  1. Glad to hear the Litsch is throwing again. Curious how you followed the Lugnut action.

    I came across your awesome kyle drabek experience photo, and included it on my own blog (www.1977redux.mlblogs.com)in a post about Drabek the wild today, and linked it back to yours. I'll take it down, if you're not cool with that. Cheers.

  2. @Artist,

    With respect to the Lugnuts game, I listened online. Here's a link:


    As for the photo, no problem. And thanks for asking.

  3. Thanks, man. I love the Anthopoulos "silent assassin" image!