Got Zach Stewart? We Do!

Hey, there Blue Jays fan! Perhaps you know about the Major League debut of 24-year-old right-hander Zach Stewart. And maybe you are aware that 1BlueJaysWay.com is a solid source for Zach Stewart content. Well, if no one has congratulated you and/or told you that you are wonderful and gorgeous today, allow me to...

Thanks for stopping by the site and checking out 1BlueJaysWay.com's excellent Zach Stewart content, you fine little ray of sunshine that lights up our day.

Firstly, check out our interview with Zach from last season by clicking HERE....then, listen to our interview with Zach from a couple weekends back by clicking HERE....then, be sure to check out the media player below to enjoy some new bullpen footage of Zach that was shot by us along with an exclusive quote where Zach answers a question about whether or not he pondered being promoted to the big leagues during his most recent starts with the Double A New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

Enjoy. We hope you like us as much as we like you.


  1. jim bob and his birdJune 16, 2011 at 3:00 AM

    Looking forward to seeing Stewart on that bigger stage.

  2. Great showing by Stewart today. Good luck to him as he moves forward.

  3. I've got a question (and don't want to incur Wilner's wrath; I deal with enough wrath in my every day life). After all that way-over-slot hullabaloo, where is Dickie Thon Jr. this year? It's not that I'm prospecting, but am more curious as to what happens to the over-slot guys in the year after the draft.

    I imagine there are potential lessons from the DTj experience for me for tracking this year's draft.

  4. BJ,

    Dickie Joe Jr suffered a freak injury.


    Reported no timeline for his return to action but that was back in early May. It doesn't appear that he has been assigned to any of the affiliate teams but the GCL and Bluefield rosters are incomplete.

    Thanks for stopping by guys.

  5. Oh my, I missed that story. Thank you for the post, I hope things work out okay for him.